Freedom to Travel: Turia, The Vulo Lady, New Year, and Dad 10,164CA

Parvin returned home to Nyundo.  While fishing in the Ua River his hook got caught on something. Tugging it up to the surface, it was seaweed, it had grown through the ring of the key his Master had tossed into the river many years ago. He presented the key to his Master who unlocked his collar and set the slave free. Another chapter begins.

Still known as his slave name, Parvin, the musician, Joshua, traveled with him into the desert. It was Parvin’s intention to make it to Tor where he thought his father was living. They stopped at Turia, and to their surprise, Joshao Rogerian and his new free companion, Lady Katryn were there. As a free man he was reaquainted with his father and promised to return to him one day.

[2013/12/28 16:44] Josh (joshua.tyler): hope the gates are open

[2013/12/28 16:44] Parvin (xcept.atlas): I assume they will not be

[2013/12/28 16:45] Parvin (xcept.atlas): This is a lot of green

[2013/12/28 16:45] Parvin (xcept.atlas): I hope it’s not a city of physicians

[2013/12/28 16:45] Josh (joshua.tyler): grins
[2013/12/28 16:45] Josh (joshua.tyler): ut oh
[2013/12/28 16:45] Josh (joshua.tyler): RUN!

[2013/12/28 16:45] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me laughs. “The physicians find you faster than wagon people, or so I’ve heard.”

[2013/12/28 16:46] Josh (joshua.tyler): smh

[2013/12/28 16:46] Josh (joshua.tyler): forbidden tech
[2013/12/28 16:46] Josh (joshua.tyler): nice river

[2013/12/28 16:47] Parvin (xcept.atlas): I expected more desert

[2013/12/28 16:47] Josh (joshua.tyler): yes
[2013/12/28 16:47] Josh (joshua.tyler): maybe we not mention that

[2013/12/28 16:47] Parvin (xcept.atlas): Aii, good idea

[2013/12/28 16:48] A Turian Gate Guard speaks as you arrive “: Joshua Tyler Welcome to Turia…If you have a bow please place it in the armory case…Please ring the bell for Entrance…

[2013/12/28 16:48] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me hands the bow over to the guard

[2013/12/28 16:48] Josh (joshua.tyler): smh

[2013/12/28 16:48] A Turian Gate Guard speaks as you arrive “: Xcept Atlas Welcome to Turia…If you have a bow please place it in the armory case…Please ring the bell for Entrance…

[2013/12/28 16:48] Josh (joshua.tyler): look the guard has a skirt

[2013/12/28 16:48] Parvin (xcept.atlas): Aii, red looks best in kilts

[2013/12/28 16:48] Josh (joshua.tyler): or out

[2013/12/28 16:48] Object: shouts: Visitor At the gates!

[2013/12/28 16:49] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me gives the bell a jingle

[2013/12/28 16:49] Josh (joshua.tyler): yoo hoo .. girls

[2013/12/28 16:50] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me glares at you, “Don’t get me arrested in a foreign city, please.”

[2013/12/28 16:50] Ehnnanola Bogbat: /me blinks and chuckles.. “Happy Turian New year” she says. “greetings greatly, welcome to Turia”

[2013/12/28 16:50] Josh (joshua.tyler): Tal fair Lady

[2013/12/28 16:51] Josh (joshua.tyler): we come to share in the beauty of your great city

[2013/12/28 16:51] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me notes the arrival of the ladies. “Tal, Happy New year. I am Parvin, woodsman of Nyundo. This is Josh, Musician.”

[2013/12/28 16:51] Josh (joshua.tyler): /me smiles and nods

[2013/12/28 16:51] Ehnnanola Bogbat: /me chuckles hearing them “Aye, welcome welcome” she says…. “Are you hear to see anyone in particular?” she asks. “or just the city in general?”

[2013/12/28 16:52] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me shook my head, “Nay, we were on our way to Tor to see my father. The wagon brought us this far, we thought we would replenish our stocks before we move on.”

[2013/12/28 16:53] Ehnnanola Bogbat: /me nods to them… “well then, I would just such caste as yourselves, any bows to the side if any” she says…. “I will let the gate guards know and open the gates for you”

[2013/12/28 16:54] Josh (joshua.tyler): /me smiles, “I have no bow ”

[2013/12/28 16:54] Ehnnanola Bogbat: /me looks to her girl.. “mine, show these free to the Tavern… show them a good time eh”

[2013/12/28 16:54] Parvin (xcept.atlas): I have relinquished a hunting bow to the guard. Thank you for your kindness, Lady.

[2013/12/28 16:54] Ehnnanola Bogbat: /me motions her hands to the gate guards…. “Welcome to Turia”

[2013/12/28 16:55] Feisty Muffin (denais): /me smiles nodding her head ‘ yes my mistress ‘ she says getting to her feet

[2013/12/28 16:55] Josh (joshua.tyler): /me looks in the city, “it truly is wondrous

[2013/12/28 16:55] Feisty Muffin (denais): /me smiles this way masters

[2013/12/28 16:55] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me stepped in. I agreed with the musician and followed the girl.

[2013/12/28 16:56] Josh (joshua.tyler): blinks
[2013/12/28 16:57] Josh (joshua.tyler): heavy currian

[2013/12/28 16:57] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me looks back to Josh, “Haven’t we been here?”

[2013/12/28 16:57] Josh (joshua.tyler): Have we ??
[2013/12/28 16:57] Josh (joshua.tyler): after the bump on the head , never can be too sure

[2013/12/28 16:58] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me looks over to Feisty. “thank you.”

[2013/12/28 16:58] Feisty Muffin (denais): /me smiles her arm reaching toward the seats ‘ there seat there for you if you like or you can sit around the dance pit which ever you would like , ‘ she told them

[2013/12/28 16:58] Josh (joshua.tyler): nice seats

[2013/12/28 16:59] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me follows the musician through the curtains. “Aii. Very well.”

[2013/12/28 16:59] Josh (joshua.tyler): and a good view , mate
[2013/12/28 16:59] Josh (joshua.tyler): I wonder who the big seat is for

[2013/12/28 17:00] Josh (joshua.tyler): impressive

[2013/12/28 17:00] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me looks over to Feisty, “Who sits in the furred throne?”

[2013/12/28 17:01] Josh (joshua.tyler): maybe I should sit in it

[2013/12/28 17:01] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me looks over to Josh, “As I was saying before we came past the gates..”

[2013/12/28 17:01] Josh (joshua.tyler): or maybe not

[2013/12/28 17:02] Feisty Muffin (denais): /me watched the two masters as the gawked over the furniture of the tavern in a way they seemed to be two young lads out on their first venture as she looked over toward the throne ‘ Tis the ubar’s throne ‘she matter of factly replied ‘ there he sits and watchs the girls dance of what ever may be happening at the time

[2013/12/28 17:03] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me nodded. “Aii, Who is Turia at war with?”

[2013/12/28 17:04] Feisty Muffin (denais): /me shrugs her shoulders ‘ whom ever comes bareing weapons and screaming like rabid bosk

[2013/12/28 17:04] Josh (joshua.tyler): /me laughs as I think of the one called Alagos

[2013/12/28 17:05] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me nodded again. “Ah. Good to know. We’ll have a look around the city.”

[2013/12/28 17:05] Josh (joshua.tyler): you are dismissed , slave

[2013/12/28 17:05] Feisty Muffin (denais): /me softly laughs ‘

[2013/12/28 17:06] Parvin (xcept.atlas): I do enjoy the caste colors

[2013/12/28 17:06] Josh (joshua.tyler): they must pump a lot of water here

[2013/12/28 17:06] Parvin (xcept.atlas): Aii, one would assume.

[2013/12/28 17:07] Josh (joshua.tyler): and these strange lamps
[2013/12/28 17:07] Josh (joshua.tyler): bosk oil ?

[2013/12/28 17:07] Parvin (xcept.atlas): Energy bulbs I would assume.

[2013/12/28 17:08] Josh (joshua.tyler): but the city is lovely

[2013/12/28 17:08] Parvin (xcept.atlas): Aii, it is. Quite grand

[2013/12/28 17:08] Feisty Muffin (denais): /me see’s the masters smiling ‘ Master’s to not get lost in this vast city you would like need someone of knowledge to show you around if you can keep up with my fast feet

[2013/12/28 17:09] Josh (joshua.tyler): after a long journey .. we are not in the mood for fast

[2013/12/28 17:09] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me’s deep green eyes glare at Feisty. “You’ve disobeyed an order from a free man. And you’ve insulted us. There are not enough whips in gor for your insolence, slave.”

[2013/12/28 17:11] Feisty Muffin (denais): /me shrugs ‘ if it seems one disobeyed then so be it , it was only an offer , if the masters want to get lost then its none of this girls concern

[2013/12/28 17:11] Parvin (xcept.atlas): Well, this has been fun.

[2013/12/28 17:12] Josh (joshua.tyler): lets go to a corner and get lost

[2013/12/28 17:14] Parvin (xcept.atlas): Let’s walk

[2013/12/28 17:14] Josh (joshua.tyler): ok
[2013/12/28 17:14] Josh (joshua.tyler): makes notes

[2013/12/28 17:15] Josh (joshua.tyler): of course

[2013/12/28 17:15] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me peers into the gardens. “At Ar, there was a great garden of Marlenus. He had many slaves in it.”

[2013/12/28 17:15] Josh (joshua.tyler): the gates are locked

[2013/12/28 17:15] Josh (joshua.tyler): laundry

[2013/12/28 17:15] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me laughs, “Aii, they import pani to do their furs?”

[2013/12/28 17:15] Josh (joshua.tyler): laughs
[2013/12/28 17:15] Josh (joshua.tyler): and keep the ticket

[2013/12/28 17:15] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me grins

[2013/12/28 17:16] Josh (joshua.tyler): hhhm
[2013/12/28 17:16] Josh (joshua.tyler): read the sign
[2013/12/28 17:16] Josh (joshua.tyler): pasha .. not ubar

[2013/12/28 17:16] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me looks to you. “If I could, I would.”

[2013/12/28 17:17] Josh (joshua.tyler): sorry .. I forgot

[2013/12/28 17:17] Parvin (xcept.atlas): “Aii, well the southern trade alliance has at least one Pasha. One you and I know well.”

[2013/12/28 17:17] Josh (joshua.tyler): I dont know him THAT well

[2013/12/28 17:17] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me pats your shoulder, “We should visit Klima along the way to Tor.”

[2013/12/28 17:17] Josh (joshua.tyler): ok

[2013/12/28 17:18] Josh (joshua.tyler): sighs
[2013/12/28 17:18] Josh (joshua.tyler): this sux
[2013/12/28 17:18] Josh (joshua.tyler): IRS

[2013/12/28 17:18] Parvin (xcept.atlas): What’s that?
[2013/12/28 17:18] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me laughs

[2013/12/28 17:19] Josh (joshua.tyler): good reason not to have a slave here
[2013/12/28 17:19] Josh (joshua.tyler): taxes

[2013/12/28 17:19] Parvin (xcept.atlas): whispers: “Aii, they charge per slave?”

[2013/12/28 17:19] Josh (joshua.tyler): yes
[2013/12/28 17:19] Josh (joshua.tyler): property

[2013/12/28 17:19] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me shakes my head, “The large slave houses must pay quite a few tarns.”

[2013/12/28 17:20] Josh (joshua.tyler): its are to get a well trained slave .. no wonder .. taxes
[2013/12/28 17:20] Josh (joshua.tyler): nice rug

[2013/12/28 17:21] Parvin (xcept.atlas): They are lovely. Next time we should tell the Admin of Scimitar prior to our travels

[2013/12/28 17:21] Ehnnanola Bogbat: “Tal Sir” she says taking out her keys. “All is well? see anything you desire for trade and or coin?” she asks opening the door

[2013/12/28 17:21] Ehnnanola Bogbat: /me looks and chuckles.. “Ehhhh give the Admin my regards” she chuckles and goes opening the door..

[2013/12/28 17:22] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me shakes my head, “Nay, thank you for your offer. The textiles are of high quality. I will be sure to do so.”

[2013/12/28 17:22] Josh (joshua.tyler): /me smiles , “we are but poor travelers . no room for anything ,”

[2013/12/28 17:22] Ehnnanola Bogbat: “pffft.. there is always room for wealth eh” she says.. “I’m surprised you are traveling and not needing such”

[2013/12/28 17:22] Josh (joshua.tyler): but there really is nice things here . wish we had room

[2013/12/28 17:23] Ehnnanola Bogbat: “you did say you were restocking yes?” she says remembering their words….

[2013/12/28 17:23] Turia Relay: shouts: Visitor At the gates!

[2013/12/28 17:23] Josh (joshua.tyler): /me frowns, “what does a musician know of wealth. only the high castes know of wealth”

[2013/12/28 17:23] Ehnnanola Bogbat: “I trust that you wanted just that?” she asks.. her eyes casting upon them… “I am sure you would want supplies to your journey”

[2013/12/28 17:24] Ehnnanola Bogbat: “pffft….. so you never met any wealthy merchants in your travels?” she asks with a raised eye.. “intersting”

[2013/12/28 17:24] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me enjoys your sales pitch, “Aii. We’ll have to find some room in the wagon.” I nod to you, “Yes, Just provisions to survive the trip to Tor. The merchants must do well here.” I chuckle. “Aii, my father is one of those rich merchants.”

[2013/12/28 17:25] Ehnnanola Bogbat: “Normally if you are along the trade routes, you will see many of us” she says taking out a scroll and handing it to Manny. “Manny, see that this is sent out” she says and goes closing back the door as her eyes turns well to the free….”

[2013/12/28 17:26] Ehnnanola Bogbat: “well good, I’m happy that some measure of luxury has seen your eyes” she says and locking back the door… “And what sort of goods are you interested in? Wine? Meads? Fruit? Bread?” she frowns asking.. “There is always a need for goods and water”

[2013/12/28 17:26] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me nods, “I didn’t see you on the last trade route when we took the ships from Arcadia to pani land. The Fat Ubara was a fantastic ship to cut through the high seas.” Listening and looking to Josh, “Aii, fruit, bread, and tea.”

[2013/12/28 17:27] Josh (joshua.tyler): /me nods, “those would be great for the trip.”

[2013/12/28 17:27] Ehnnanola Bogbat: “Ohhh, you are familar with that exhibition eh?”

[2013/12/28 17:28] Parvin (xcept.atlas): Aii, I was on it.

[2013/12/28 17:28] Ehnnanola Bogbat: “I had merchants sent on that mission… was a successful one… how is ohh what’s his name from Arcadia?” she inquires.

[2013/12/28 17:29] Parvin (xcept.atlas): “Yes, I believe Joshao brought back some fine goods from Paniland. Who, the smith, Nephtides?”

[2013/12/28 17:29] Ehnnanola Bogbat: “Aye… Nephtides….. he is well yes?”

[2013/12/28 17:30] Josh (joshua.tyler): /me listens quietly m, curious what i havent been told.

[2013/12/28 17:30] Parvin (xcept.atlas): Yes, very well. He returned with all of his appendages.
[2013/12/28 17:30] Parvin (xcept.atlas): Quite a success.

[2013/12/28 17:31] Ehnnanola Bogbat: “Ohh that is very good” she says.. “give him my regards… tell him the Vulo Lady, sends her greetings to him” she says.. “So I take it you heard about Turia’s new year yes?” she asks. “There is great market next hand.. big market.. the largest ever will be put on I tell you… close to the markets of the Sardar fairs but not so big eh” she says

[2013/12/28 17:33] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me chuckles at your nick name. “Aii, I will do that when I see him, Lady.” Listening with interest. “Aii, we shall make it a point visit and bring goods.” I let out a sigh, “yes, seems the Sardar fairs are not what they used to be. And missing some solstice and equinoxes.”

[2013/12/28 17:33] Ehnnanola Bogbat: /me looks seeing her slave…. ‘Mine, get me two botas of water eh” she says.. “And, did you offer these two men to have a tour of the City… atleast the baths eh” she says

[2013/12/28 17:34] Josh (joshua.tyler): /me nods, “She did indeed offer a tour.”

[2013/12/28 17:34] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me looked to Ehnnanola, “Your kindness is unsurpassed, Lady. We have seen the baths and the tavern. We’ll trade for some fruit and be on our way.”

[2013/12/28 17:34] Feisty Muffin (denais): /me looks up casting glances over at the two masters ‘ Ay my mistress I did offer to show them the city least they not get lost and they said that I was disobeying an order when I wasn’t and said that I needed to be beaten

[2013/12/28 17:35] Ehnnanola Bogbat: “Ohh so true” she says.. “ever since things got quiet in the Sardars, ohhh, I tell you.. But as long as you have your routes, things are good…. have you visited Vigo eh?” she inquires more. “good perfumes and salt.. not to mention if you are passing up Tor, you have to see yes yes” sh esays and hears her slave.. “well, maybe they saw that rear of your mine and thought things of that nature eh”

[2013/12/28 17:36] Josh (joshua.tyler): /me looks at Parvin to complete the trade

[2013/12/28 17:37] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me looked up to the banners of all the castes of gor. “Aii, it’s new year. We were talking about Vigo and will visit again soon.” I shake my head at the offer of perfume and salt, “The meat on the wagon is already salted.” I had noticed the return of Feisty, “Aii, I said there were not enough whips on gor for her.”

[2013/12/28 17:37] Ehnnanola Bogbat: “Do you know you can get a good deal on fruit now… as its summer time, some good deal on ramberries, and well, tospits would come in about late summer but some dried fruit is still to be had.. How about peaches? and Apricots? Ohh a nice deal on honey and even cocoabeans.. ohh yes the best.. if you need that then I must insist you have the fruit on my account and purchase the cocoabeans.. you can have drizzled fruit”

[2013/12/28 17:38] Feisty Muffin (denais): /me snickers looking across at the two masters she stood up her long tanned slender muscle toned graceful legs bring her to her full height ‘ I shall return with the two bota’s of water my mistress Feisty impishly grins as she turns deliberty shaking her ass with each step she took

[2013/12/28 17:39] Ehnnanola Bogbat: /me laughs well with amusement then continue… “I tell you, its a good thing you arrived here this day” she says.. “and motions Feisty to get the botas and continues. “yes yes, the Turian New Year” she laughs and more… “If you are a musian you should play for a few of our feasts! We have grand feasts here.. its a wonder we all don’t roll down the street and road!” she exclaims more

[2013/12/28 17:39] Isnala (cetan.stoneshield): shouts: back here girl

[2013/12/28 17:39] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me looks to the musician, “Aii, peaches and apricots would go well to wash down the jerky.” I rub my jaw and pull out a coin pouch. “The coins I have are from Scimitar and Ar. I don’t know your gold weight here, but would a single gold tarn get us a bushel of your fruit?”

[2013/12/28 17:41] Josh (joshua.tyler): So you have many festivals here ? Maybe some dance contests to watch as well ?

[2013/12/28 17:42] Feisty Muffin (denais): /me made it back to her mistress skirt tail holding two bota’s water as she towered down holding them in her lap looking across at the two masters waiting for her mistress

[2013/12/28 17:42] Ehnnanola Bogbat: “pffft.. gold can get you alot eh!” she says.. “you want sacks of fruit you mean” she says.. “So you would like that, how about some dried fruit sprinkled with cinnamon.. ohh ohh some raisins and you must have some grapes.. Wait, if you act now, I can throw in a bottle of ramberry juice and if you further act now, I am sure I can add in two crates of larmas… and ohh ohh ohhh you have to have melons! You must have melons!” she says and takes out a scroll.. “I can get you all this and more for just a silver I tell you”

[2013/12/28 17:43] Josh (joshua.tyler): /me grins at the sales pitch

[2013/12/28 17:44] Ehnnanola Bogbat: /me waves her hands in flares.. “we have many festivals… the Love Wars is wonderful and must, must be attended in the spring time. ”

[2013/12/28 17:45] Ehnnanola Bogbat: “Then the Turian new year, the Turian anniversary, the harvest festivals, the planting festival” she says going on her fingers.. “Then you have the dance competitions and ohh you must be here for the Tournament of Blades!”

[2013/12/28 17:45] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me let out a laugh. “Aii, a silver it is. That much fruit wouldn’t make it to Tor.” I shake my head, “Nay, no melons. They rot from the inside out. If you would trade one of the blue woven rugs, that would be kindly appreciated.” I listen to the talk of festivals. “Aii, we shall return.” I wonder for a moment, “Does Joshao and Katryn, his companion live in Turia now?”

[2013/12/28 17:46] Ehnnanola Bogbat: “Ohh you know them?” she asks…

[2013/12/28 17:48] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me winces and scratches the back of my head. “Well. Yes. I have a message for him. And with it you can take the tarn disk.” I remove it from the pouch and hand it to Ehnnanola, it is of single weight, gleams in the rays of Lar Torvis. “Tell him Jarrad the younger is alive, free, and well.”

[2013/12/28 17:50] Ehnnanola Bogbat: whispers: “Ohh you don’t say” she says taking the coin and between her veiled lips she tests the coin.. “Ehhh?” she says and frowns.. “The Isle make their own coin?” she asks and looks it over.. “whose insignia is this?” she enquires…”I don’t recognise the house

[2013/12/28 17:52] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me nods, “Aii, they do. Riverstone is the house, the Administrator of the Isle of two Scimitars for many years. With that, fair lady. We wish you well. And may you always have water.”

[2013/12/28 17:53] Ehnnanola Bogbat: “May you always have water” she says. “I will send the fruit to you” she says and frowns looking at the coin then with a smile she goes handing it back to him.. “Its on me… hold the tarn… not many are able to afford eh” she says

[2013/12/28 17:55] Parvin (xcept.atlas): Like my fat verbose father I take back the coin and shove it in the pouch. “There’s not better price than free.” I point towards the gates. “Will you see the guards give us passage, and my bow.”

[2013/12/28 17:56] Ehnnanola Bogbat: /me looks to Feisty. “go quickly to the market mine and quickly, have them bag fruits except melons”

[2013/12/28 17:57] Ehnnanola Bogbat: “And I will give the message to Joshao.. ” she says…

[2013/12/28 17:57] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me nods not unkindly, “My thanks, Lady.”

[2013/12/28 17:57] Turia Relay: shouts: Visitor At the gates!

[2013/12/28 17:59] Ehnnanola Bogbat: “your most welcome greatly”
[2013/12/28 18:00] Ehnnanola Bogbat: “And if you need anything, let me know, ask for the Vulo Lady eh….”

[2013/12/28 18:01] A.B. (ram.mactavish): Darling Merchant, merchants from Rorus at hte gate for you.” He nods as he walks by “Gentlemen.”

[2013/12/28 18:01] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me grins again at the name. “Aii, I will.” As Tavish arrives, “Tal, Sir.”

[2013/12/28 18:01] A.B. (ram.mactavish): sirs

[2013/12/28 18:02] Ehnnanola Bogbat: “Ohhh more coin!’ she says and nods to the free.. “I will show you to the gate Sirs for sure” she says “and thank you greatly”

[2013/12/28 18:02] A.B. (ram.mactavish): /me looks back at the gate with a bit of worry and then see’s mari “Ah Mari come.”

[2013/12/28 18:02] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me follows, “Our thanks.”

[2013/12/28 18:02] Łϊиa (lina.spearsong): /me shakes her head “I’m not aware of any change Sir.”

[2013/12/28 18:02] Tagerren Thalassa (tagerren): /me nods with a grin “Thank you Sir. I am unaware of any change. Might I retrieve it then?”

[2013/12/28 18:03] Isnala (cetan.stoneshield): of course Sir

[2013/12/28 18:03] Ehnnanola Bogbat: “Ahhh tal tal” she says and motions.. “I have free departing from the City” she says and nods to the free before her.. “tal my dear, come on this side, come on this side”

[2013/12/28 18:03] Josh (joshua.tyler): Tal
[2013/12/28 18:03] Isnala (cetan.stoneshield): Tal Lady Ehnna

[2013/12/28 18:03] Tagerren Thalassa (tagerren): /me steps out and takes his bow, slinging it back over his shoulder and grinning at the man as he reenters

[2013/12/28 18:03] Isnala (cetan.stoneshield): this Lady is here to see you
[2013/12/28 18:04] Łϊиa (lina.spearsong): /me smiles behind her veil as she sees the Lady she had come to see “Tal Lady, how do you fair?”

[2013/12/28 18:04] Ehnnanola Bogbat: “Aye aye” she says.. “Come my dear merchants eh” she says and nods

[2013/12/28 18:04] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me takes the peasant’s bow I stowed with the Guard. I see Fiesty return with the fruit and wait for it.

[2013/12/28 18:04] Feisty Muffin (denais): /me smiles ‘ yes my mistress ‘ standing she makes her way to the market . filling two burlap bags full of ever thing her mistress instrustred her to put in the bags but the melons . heading back she give the bags of fruit to the master through the gate

[2013/12/28 18:04] Ehnnanola Bogbat: “how can I help you my dears?” she asks.. “Good trade again?”

[2013/12/28 18:05] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me takes the fruit from Feisty. “Thank you girl.” I give her a nod.

[2013/12/28 18:05] Josh (joshua.tyler): So it seems you have family here .. .unexpected

[2013/12/28 18:06] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me nods to him, “Aii, I did enjoy Tor.”

[2013/12/28 18:07] Isnala (cetan.stoneshield): /me sighs

[2013/12/28 18:07] Tagerren Thalassa (tagerren): /me gives a nod to Katryn and Joshao “Tal”

[2013/12/28 18:07] Josh (joshua.tyler): /me smiles

[2013/12/28 18:07] Joshao Rogerian (karaden.finesmith): I was just sorting through lading slips. The wine harvest is a good one so far.

[2013/12/28 18:07] Isnala (cetan.stoneshield): Tal sirs, did you forget something?

[2013/12/28 18:07] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me turned around once more, I raised my three fingered hand towards Joshao, smiled and waved.

[2013/12/28 18:07] Joshao Rogerian (karaden.finesmith): /me turns and catches sight of Parvin… and freezes in shock

[2013/12/28 18:08] Joshao Rogerian (karaden.finesmith): JARRAD!!

[2013/12/28 18:08] Josh (joshua.tyler): /me smiles at the name

[2013/12/28 18:08] Łϊиa (lina.spearsong): /me looks up at Tagerren and follows the Lady.

[2013/12/28 18:08] Joshao Rogerian (karaden.finesmith): Jarrad it’s you!

[2013/12/28 18:08] Tagerren Thalassa (tagerren): /me turns and follows Lina closely

[2013/12/28 18:08] Joshao Rogerian (karaden.finesmith): You’re ALIVE!!

[2013/12/28 18:08] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me looks through the gates. “You look well.”

[2013/12/28 18:08] Isnala (cetan.stoneshield): Shall I open the gate again Joshao?

[2013/12/28 18:08] Joshao Rogerian (karaden.finesmith): Yes, yes!

[2013/12/28 18:09] Lady Katryn (melyssa.button): /me steps up behind Joshao and turns her eyes toward him, curious. “Who is this, my Companion?”

[2013/12/28 18:09] Josh (joshua.tyler): /me watched the man apporach , “Tal Sir … we thought you in Tor.”

[2013/12/28 18:09] Joshao Rogerian (karaden.finesmith): It is Jarrad Rogerian! My eldest son!!

[2013/12/28 18:10] Rose Kabasilas (subtlerose): Oh!

[2013/12/28 18:10] Joshao Rogerian (karaden.finesmith): I was in Tor, but I moved to Turia after some… difficulties with Initiates!

[2013/12/28 18:10] Josh (joshua.tyler): Oh them

[2013/12/28 18:10] Lady Katryn (melyssa.button): /me takes a step back in surprise.

[2013/12/28 18:10] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me gave a nod to Joshao, “I met your father and my brother. We had a fantastic trip.” I give a grin. “Aii, I can relate. I thought you were in Tor or Tyros.”

[2013/12/28 18:10] Joshao Rogerian (karaden.finesmith): /me looks at the lad “My Kings, you are looking well!
[2013/12/28 18:11] Joshao Rogerian (karaden.finesmith): /me looks at the other man “Tal! it is good to see you both! Where have you been?

[2013/12/28 18:11] Josh (joshua.tyler): perhaps Jarrad should explain our adventure
[2013/12/28 18:12] Josh (joshua.tyler): I am Josh , of Nyundo

[2013/12/28 18:12] Joshao Rogerian (karaden.finesmith): Jarrad… or… what are you known as now, Son? … I would like you to meet my new Free Companion, Lady Katryn Rogerian

[2013/12/28 18:12] Joshao Rogerian (karaden.finesmith): Josh of Nyundo. may I congratulate you on a splendid name Sir!

[2013/12/28 18:13] Parvin (xcept.atlas): “Aii, i’ve been well worked and trained. Well, I was captured, went to ar Ar for some time, currently Nyundo. I’ve been called Parvin for many years.” I look to Lady Katyrn, “Well met, Lady.”

[2013/12/28 18:13] Josh (joshua.tyler): /me grins
[2013/12/28 18:13] Joshao Rogerian (karaden.finesmith): Lady Katryn, this is Jarrad… my eldes ston of Lady Agrioppina!
[2013/12/28 18:13] Joshao Rogerian (karaden.finesmith): Parvin.
[2013/12/28 18:13] Joshao Rogerian (karaden.finesmith): A fine name!

[2013/12/28 18:13] Joshao Rogerian (karaden.finesmith): When I last saw you, my son, you were…. (he coughs delicately) well, you were in considerably… lessened circumstances.

[2013/12/28 18:14] Lady Katryn (melyssa.button): Well met, Jarrad….Parvin. I am glad to meet one of my Companion’s family.

[2013/12/28 18:14] Joshao Rogerian (karaden.finesmith): It is good to see your lot has improved!

[2013/12/28 18:14] Joshao Rogerian (karaden.finesmith): Where are you bound, Josh and Parvin?

[2013/12/28 18:14] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me laughs, “Aii. I’ve grown into it. ” Laughing. “I did not know if you saw me during the kaiila races. I was hiding from you. Yes, it has. Took a few years but, I am free, well with friends.”

[2013/12/28 18:15] Joshao Rogerian (karaden.finesmith): Good, good! Do you lack for anything? Are you well situated?

[2013/12/28 18:15] Moяяigan Vaℓettє (morrigan.zabelin): /me bit her lip softly as she mounted the stairs she was in absolute awe of the way the great city had grown from the humble beginnings she had known all those years ago when it first opened its gates, bare fingers extended to kiss against the cut and polished stone as she walked.

[2013/12/28 18:15] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me looks to Josh, “We are traveling and had intended to return to Tor to see a few of the Initiates.”

[2013/12/28 18:16] Joshao Rogerian (karaden.finesmith): Splendid… er… don’t… mention my name there… eh?

[2013/12/28 18:16] Josh (joshua.tyler): me nods in agreement

[2013/12/28 18:16] Joshao Rogerian (karaden.finesmith): If either of you ever need anything, just call on me. Joshao of Turia.

[2013/12/28 18:17] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me points to the two large sacks of fruit. “Nay, we’re well stocked. ” Laughing, “No, I won’t. I did see Terek for Se’Var, he was quite kind.” I give a nod. “Thank you.”

[2013/12/28 18:17] Joshao Rogerian (karaden.finesmith): /me opens his arms wide “Son it is WONDERFUL to see you so!”

[2013/12/28 18:17] Josh (joshua.tyler): /me smiles, “Thank you for your kinf offer Sir. Most generous!!”

[2013/12/28 18:18] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me takes and returns the hug from Joshao. “Aii, it is fantastic to see you father.” Squished out of breath from his hug. “And well met Lady Katryn.”

[2013/12/28 18:18] Joshao Rogerian (karaden.finesmith): /me hugs his eldest boy and gives him a swift kiss on each cheek, Tahari style “Safe journeys to you my son, and return soon!”

[2013/12/28 18:18] Lady Katryn (melyssa.button): “Oh, surely, my Companion, we should offer your son hospitality if he and his friend have time to spend here in Turia.”

[2013/12/28 18:18] Josh (joshua.tyler): /me turns my head, “and I am honored to meet such a fine Lady.”

[2013/12/28 18:19] Joshao Rogerian (karaden.finesmith): If you wish to remain, by all means!!

[2013/12/28 18:19] Joshao Rogerian (karaden.finesmith): My Lady Katryn and I were Companioned just before waiting Hand… about eight days ago

[2013/12/28 18:20] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me takes the kisses, unexpected but accepted. “Aii, we will. We will travel for another turn and likely visit on the return trip. We have heard of the festivals here. Oh.. Congratulations. May your companionship be fruitful to you both.”

[2013/12/28 18:20] Joshao Rogerian (karaden.finesmith): Yes…. perhaps when you return there will be news of a younger sibling on the way!

[2013/12/28 18:21] Isnala (cetan.stoneshield): why not? Every other FW in Turia is with child, *he mutters

[2013/12/28 18:21] Joshao Rogerian (karaden.finesmith): Oh this is cause for much celebration! my boy is free!

[2013/12/28 18:21] Josh (joshua.tyler): /me smiles

[2013/12/28 18:21] Isnala (cetan.stoneshield): /me looks at Rose with an innocent smile, heard what Lady?”

[2013/12/28 18:21] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me gives a deep laugh. “Very good. It was pleasant to meet Mordred. Large families are best.”

[2013/12/28 18:22] Joshao Rogerian (karaden.finesmith): May your journey be swift, your profits great, and your return even swifter!

[2013/12/28 18:22] Josh (joshua.tyler): /me speaks up, “not just free , but a loyal and honorable friend.”

[2013/12/28 18:22] Lady Katryn (melyssa.button): /me blushes, the red staining her cheeks above her veil as she lowers her eyes, feeling uncomfortable at mention of a possible pregnancy.

[2013/12/28 18:23] Joshao Rogerian (karaden.finesmith): What caste are you in, now, Ja… er Parvin?

[2013/12/28 18:23] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me accepted Joshao’s blessing. “thank you. May you always have water, in a gold cup.” I nod to Lady Katryn. “I wish you well Lady.”

[2013/12/28 18:23] Joshao Rogerian (karaden.finesmith): And may your waterbags never be empty!

[2013/12/28 18:23] Lady Katryn (melyssa.button): I wish you well, son of my Companion.

[2013/12/28 18:24] Parvin (xcept.atlas): “Well here my caste is not useful, but in the forest it is. Woodsman.”

[2013/12/28 18:24] Joshao Rogerian (karaden.finesmith): Splendid! Next time I need wood, I’ll call upon you!
[2013/12/28 18:24] Joshao Rogerian (karaden.finesmith): Lady Ehnna frequently sends me for wood for the city

[2013/12/28 18:24] Parvin (xcept.atlas): “Aii, please do. We have an over abundance of tem wood and kalana.”

[2013/12/28 18:24] Joshao Rogerian (karaden.finesmith): I will be certain to call then!

[2013/12/28 18:25] Joshao Rogerian (karaden.finesmith): Temwood is exactrly what we need!

[2013/12/28 18:25] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me nods, “Aii, the peasants make bows of it.” I look to Josh, “And sometimes instruments.”

[2013/12/28 18:25] Joshao Rogerian (karaden.finesmith): Let me know when you are home, by messenger vulo and I’ll dispatch an order for it

[2013/12/28 18:25] Josh (joshua.tyler): indeed we do

[2013/12/28 18:25] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me nods in agreement. “Yes, I will Joshao of Turia.”

[2013/12/28 18:25] Joshao Rogerian (karaden.finesmith): Turia orders temwood by the tonne.

[2013/12/28 18:26] Parvin (xcept.atlas): “That’s a lot of wood”

[2013/12/28 18:26] Joshao Rogerian (karaden.finesmith): This is a large city

[2013/12/28 18:26] Josh (joshua.tyler): we can put the slaves to much work

[2013/12/28 18:26] Joshao Rogerian (karaden.finesmith): ‘I will get the gate control for you, my son

[2013/12/28 18:26] Parvin (xcept.atlas): “Thank you.”

[2013/12/28 18:26] Josh (joshua.tyler): /me waves
[2013/12/28 18:26] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me raises my three fingered hand, “I wish you well.”

[2013/12/28 18:26] Joshao Rogerian (karaden.finesmith): Well wishes!!

[2013/12/28 18:27] Joshao Rogerian (karaden.finesmith): Wishes too!

[2013/12/28 18:27] Parvin (xcept.atlas): We didn’t see any phsyciains
[2013/12/28 18:27] Parvin (xcept.atlas): grins

[2013/12/28 18:27] Josh (joshua.tyler): think I will be a wood carver

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