Journey to Paniland, Parvin meets Mordred, his brother 10,163CA

Winter was setting in on the northern lands of Gor. Parvin got the message from the Sardar, via a white messenger vulo. Still unable to read I squinted at the archaic gorean and turned the scroll upside down and left, sideways. There was a drawing of a large masted ship and chained slaves at the prow. Wincing, I looked around to see if anyone caught sight of the bird landing. Gripping the bird I flung it up into the air without a return scroll. “I guess I’m going west.” Speaking to no one but myself. Trudging to the tavern through the muddy ground, rainy season had come to the southern equatorial forests. “I should pack.”

Parvin went to Arcadia and boarded the Fat Ubara, a merchant ship for the journey to Paniland. The initiate Ugurusu, one of the slave’s confidants, and a new initiate Noventum were already aboard. Captain of another ship in the fleet was Mordred, who Parvin would discover to be his younger brother. The family reunion would not end there, Aurum Bulloch, Captain of the Fat Ubara, was the father of Joshao Rogerian. A year on the high seas taught Parvin temperance, tolerance and self mastery.,14186.0.html

[17:24] Parvin (xcept.atlas) takes a brush in hand, dips it into the bucket and starts to scrub
[17:25] Blessed Karaden (ugurusu): I want *this* ship to be our headquarters.
[17:25] Noventum (hotametaneo): ok
[17:25] kassia (patti.boccaccio) takes one of the brushes and a bucket
[17:25] Blessed Karaden (ugurusu): May the Priest-Kings light your steps Brother
[17:25] Noventum (hotametaneo): I will await to hear from you and will get to work on the test
[17:25] Parvin (xcept.atlas) wraps a rep cloth around my nose and mouth and hands you over one to do the same
[17:25] kassia (patti.boccaccio) leans over, getting the brush full of soapy water and begins to help Parvin scrub the slimy boards.
[17:26] Aurum Bulloch: I must get to my ship , captain. there be pirates about and i need to make sure they stay off my ship. I wish you well ” he bows low over a chubby hand pressed to his chest. then turns to fight his way down a ladder to the dingy
[17:26] Aurum Bulloch: everyone has their reasons
[17:27] Parvin (xcept.atlas) scoops the solid pieces into a tray and adds more soapy water to the boards
[17:27] kassia (patti.boccaccio) grins “After all the times i help my da scrub out the verr pens and vulo coop when i was a girl, a little smell doesn’t bother mew much. i’m a farm girl, even if i’m now my Master’s pleasure slave.
[17:28] Parvin (xcept.atlas) gives you a smile under the cloth, my eyes angle up. “Aii. When I was at Ar they made me clean the bosk pens.” Laughing, “I guess I’m a city boy even though I live in the jungle.”
[17:28] kassia (patti.boccaccio) takes a plate and uses it to scoop up crud, dumping it into the dkirty bucket and scrubbing away the filth with some cleaner water.
[17:29] Parvin (xcept.atlas) gets in between the boards with the side of the brush, following your lead, “Is your Master doing well?” I make small talk.
[17:30] kassia (patti.boccaccio): i miss the animals sometuimes, but my Master let me keep one of the little verr lambs from the old farm when he moved to the Tahari oasis.
[17:31] kassia (patti.boccaccio): Oh yes, very well. He left me at the oasis for safety while he went to be second-of-caste in Turia. Too many dangers there, he said. i miss him a lot.
[17:31] Parvin (xcept.atlas) liked the sound of that, “We have so many animals in the forest. There’s a frevert in the tavern, a few giani, urts, kaiila.” I nodded to her, “Aii, congratulations to him. I’m sure you’re safer here with us.”
[17:31] kassia (patti.boccaccio): There was actually a kur that attacked before he sent me away.
[17:32] Parvin (xcept.atlas) winces, “Yikes! how did you get away?”
[17:32] Angelina (angelinalp) leans her head back against the ship walls feeling the rocking of the boat as she rests between asleep and awake
[17:33] kassia (patti.boccaccio): “Oh, the kur didn’t get past the warriors — they drove it away.
[17:33] Parvin (xcept.atlas) nods and gives a wide smile, “you have a wise Master.” I continue to clean along the planks, “Very good, you’re to friendly to be kurii food.”
[17:34] Mordred Rogerian (swan.dreddmor): Tal, slaves.
[17:34] kassia (patti.boccaccio) scfrubs harder at the boards, and sluices some clean water, then dries them with a scrap of thick repcloth she found near the door.
[17:34] Parvin (xcept.atlas) continues the cleaning, “Tal, Master.”
[17:35] Mordred Rogerian (swan.dreddmor): Continue working, then when you are through, you may each select a piece of the leftover fruit.
[17:35] kassia (patti.boccaccio): Greetings, Master.
[17:35] Mordred Rogerian (swan.dreddmor): Tal, kassia. I am very glad you are onboard. You as well, parvin
[17:36] kassia (patti.boccaccio): “Thank You, Master.”
[17:36] Parvin (xcept.atlas) followed that order, scrubbing diligently and working to get the mess out of the cracks. I look up. “Thank you, Master. It’s an honor to be here.”
[17:36] Mordred Rogerian (swan.dreddmor): Parvin…. What is… uh… what was your last name?
[17:36] Mordred Rogerian (swan.dreddmor): Do you remember?
[17:37] kassia (patti.boccaccio) bends to scrubbing again
[17:38] Parvin (xcept.atlas) looked up, “Well, yes, Master. I remember. I was born in Tyros, the son of Rogerian.”
[17:38] Mordred Rogerian (swan.dreddmor) nods
[17:38] Mordred Rogerian (swan.dreddmor): Parvin Rogerian… eldest son of Joshao Rogerian. My older brother.
[17:38] kassia (patti.boccaccio) stares at the slave in shock, mouthing “Rogerian?”
[17:39] Parvin (xcept.atlas) shakes my head, “Nay, I was called Jarrad, after our grandfather.”
[17:39] Mordred Rogerian (swan.dreddmor): Jarrad! THAT’S why your name didn’t register!
[17:39] Parvin (xcept.atlas): The name Parvin was given to me by my Master many years ago.
[17:39] Mordred Rogerian (swan.dreddmor): I was just a toddler when you were… er… lost to us
[17:40] Parvin (xcept.atlas): Aii, we were raided at Tyros. I was carted off and sold as a slave. You and your sister, were very young.
[17:40] Mordred Rogerian (swan.dreddmor): Mother had a locket with your picture in it. Just a tiny drawing, but I never forgot the face.
[17:40] Parvin (xcept.atlas) nodded my head a little. “I remember her, not well. She was pleasant. I’m pleased to hear that.”
[17:41] Mordred Rogerian (swan.dreddmor) nods
[17:41] kassia (patti.boccaccio) looks down, confused, and finishes wiping her section of the deck dry with the repcloth. she drops the brush into the bucket.
[17:41] Mordred Rogerian (swan.dreddmor): In fact… that’s why they separated. She could not get over your loss. She wanted no more risks and left when the Free Companionship came time for renewal.
[17:42] Parvin (xcept.atlas) let out a sigh, “I hope to see her again one day. It pains me to hear that.”
[17:42] Mordred Rogerian (swan.dreddmor): I could buy you from your owner. Free you. Father would be overjoyed
[17:43] Mordred Rogerian (swan.dreddmor): Mother, too.
[17:43] Parvin (xcept.atlas) sat back and my heels and gave a small jovial laugh, “That’s kind of you. I freely submitted years ago to my Master. I promised to be his. I don’t break promises.” Nodding, “Thank you.”
[17:43] Mordred Rogerian (swan.dreddmor): Lady Agrippina would be ecstatic, I think, to get her firstborn son home safely
[17:44] Mordred Rogerian (swan.dreddmor): You could …. wait… what?
[17:44] Parvin (xcept.atlas): “If, in a year we survive. I may ask you do that.”
[17:44] Mordred Rogerian (swan.dreddmor): You subm…. you *prefer* being collared?!
[17:45] kassia (patti.boccaccio) looks miserable at being in the middle of the exchange and murmurs “Master, may i please be excused?”
[17:45] Mordred Rogerian (swan.dreddmor): If you wish to, kassia, and the floor is clean, yes. Take a fruit with you
[17:45] Parvin (xcept.atlas) shakes my head, “Nay, I question why I’m a slave every day. I hope that one day my Master frees me, or kills me.” I see Kassia request leave. I take her bucket and move it towards me
[17:45] kassia (patti.boccaccio): “Thabnk you, Master.”
[17:46] kassia (patti.boccaccio) gathers up the buckets, cloths, and brushes and hurries out, tears sparkling in her eyes.
[17:46] Mordred Rogerian (swan.dreddmor): If you wish to be ffeed, all you need to do is ask, my elder brother. I will see to it you have your freedom and dignity back. OR if you desire… I shall say nothing to our father or anyone
[17:47] Mordred Rogerian (swan.dreddmor): Whatever your choice is, you have it to make. I will support whatever you decide.
[17:47] Parvin (xcept.atlas) bows my head, “Thank you, when the time comes, I will. I am on this journey to serve a purpose, I am not sure I can do it without a collar. Thank you. ”
[17:48] Mordred Rogerian (swan.dreddmor): I’ll keep this a secret. I’m sure kassia can too. She belongs to our father.
[17:49] Parvin (xcept.atlas) nods, “Aii, I’m sure she can. We have a long trip ahead, Master. Might be best to keep the secret.”
[17:49] Mordred Rogerian (swan.dreddmor): And I won’t give you away by treating you as anything but a kajirus. I’m good at secrets. (smiles)
[17:49] Parvin (xcept.atlas) winces, “Well, I guess that’s good… I’ll try not to earn a whipping, Master.”
[17:50] Mordred Rogerian (swan.dreddmor): See that you don’t. Take a piece of leftover fruit and continue your work, boy.
[17:50] Parvin (xcept.atlas): Thank you, Master. I stand and smile at you. “You don’t look like dad.” I laugh a little
[17:50] Parvin (xcept.atlas): Lucky.
[17:51] Mordred Rogerian (swan.dreddmor) laughs
[17:51] Mordred Rogerian (swan.dreddmor): You have his haircolor and eyes. I took after Lady Aggro
[17:52] Parvin (xcept.atlas) smiles, I take a piece of fruit. “Thank you, Master. I’ll return the intiates to their ship and make sure they are safe. Please let me know if you need anything.”
[17:52] Mordred Rogerian (swan.dreddmor): Yes.
[17:52] Mordred Rogerian (swan.dreddmor): You are dismissed.
[17:52] Parvin (xcept.atlas): Safe waters.

[13:56] Parvin (xcept.atlas): is awoken by the scream of a Sailor, I had pass out on a hammock, deep in the belly of the Winged Eclipse. The thing flips over with me in, sprawled out on the floor, drool coming out the side of my mouth, “Yes, Master!” Pulling up my shorts and scrambling up the steps.

[13:58] Parvin (xcept.atlas): Knowing I have work to do I was myself off, some ample scrubbing so the adept noses of the initiates would not be bothered by my below deck scent. Heading into the Initate’s cabin I change the sheets and take the pillows outside, banging the dust off of them. I pick any spots of dirt off of the white carpet and return the pillows to the chairs.

[14:01] Parvin (xcept.atlas): The heated tub is quickly emptied with a valve that bilges the water off the ship. I siphon the clean water from the barrels below and add another log to the fire to warm it. I clean out the basin and the chamber pot, dumping them overboard. Rope around the lip of it I lower it down into the Thassa to thoroughly clean it out. I refresh the water in the basin and look over the cabin to see if anything is amiss.

[14:03] Parvin (xcept.atlas): “oh.. oils. Hmm..” Having asked the high intitate and remembering what the ancient initiate from Ukunga used to like I go down into the kitchen and prepare a scented olive based oil with tospit and mint. Allowing it to infuse with a bit of heat, pleased by its smell, I return it to the chambers and place it next to the bath. I fluff an unused towel and place two pieces of candy I was given upon it. I exit their cabin and go to work at cleaning the rigging for the masts.


[14:57] Parvin (xcept.atlas) heard the shouts outside. They were different, with pitch, jovial, and unexpected.

After three passage hands at sea that there was a call from the crow’s nest. Land had yet to be sighted but a fisher bird’s call woke the groggy, dreaming watchman. Drunk with sleep and yesterday’s paga ration, rubbing his eyes, a spray of the fisher bird’s last meal lands on his face. “UUgggghhh” A fast swipe across his face and sputtering through the guano, “LAND! Captain, it’s land!” His shouts are heard among the top deck, sailors run and pull themselves up to the mast to catch a glipse.

My duties of cleaning the Initiate’s quarters, sharpening the knives for the kitchen, butchering a large verr and hanging it to bleed had been completed. Cautiously sneaking up onto the deck. There was one of the sailors climbing down the ladder to a tender. “Do you need another oar, Captain?” Addressing him with title, I expected the worse, he looked up to me with dim eyes and dirty skin, “Get in, Parvin.” A huge dumb smile covered my face as I raced down the ladder and into the boat. Taking up an oar I paddled with the sailors through the green Thassa to the small island not too far away.
[15:09] Parvin (xcept.atlas)’s arms feel like Jello after the paddling, the island had appeared to be much closer than it really was. The oarsmen bound out of the boat into the water and run up on to the sand. “Parvin, stay behind and tend the boat.” I groan but do as I’m told. “yes, Master.” Dragging the boat up to the sand. I lean down and grab a handful of it and let it slide through my fingers soft and fine. I see the volcano in the distance. “Hmmm… ” And notice the lava cascading down.. “That can’t be good.” I never knew how islands were formed and just assumed it was the Priest Kings that did it. The fauna of the island, tall trees and dense undergrowth did suggest it had been here for some time. “I should ask the Captain if this island was on the map.” Speaking aloud and to myself. Not far away I see a fruit bearing tree, I wrap the worn woven rope around the cleat to secure it and dash towards the tree. “Not following orders!” I winced at the voice in my head, it was suppressed as the tree came to me more quickly than the wild island. Checking the ripeness of the fruit, deftly examined. A long huff of its rind. Pleased by it, some sort of tospit I gathered. Sul sack pockets were filled, bulging to fault. Like that, I returned to the boat. In an ahn the sailors returned from their jaunt, a few cast stares, others were exhibiting their finds to the men next to him. I rowed.

unexplored island in the thassa

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