Meeting the Priest Kings and offers pie 10,150CA

Somehow Parvin also assisted the return of one of the Priest Kings to the Nest by carrying a scent tape to the Sardar. The Nest Mother came to pick up her missing boodling.


“A Mother’s Love” By Mother, Vixyn Felisimo

Silently the glowing ship glides over the landscape. No sound betrays its passage to the humans below.
The scentspeakers waft a question <<Is Jisk found?>> At the controls of the ship the pilot, a broodling of the Nest Mother, replies <<No, Mother. Not yet. We will pass over a second time and a third… as many as are needed.>>

<<NO. Three passes only. We do not wish to be seen. You are sure the coordinates match those of the note?>> Back in the Nest the Mother shifts uneasily, her antennae quivering in distress. With thousands of young already born, she still frets over the loss of any of them. Jisk was young, yet and prone to exploration. <<You must find him, but not at the cost of your own safety, Xi.>>

<<Yes, Mother. We are scanning. So far we have found no trace of his scent. The Thassa winds are strong.>>
Xi turns the craft for another pass over the sleepy islands of Tabor.

<<If Jisk is not found on this pass, we will come again, next night. and again until we find him. But three passes only over each section until he is found. We do not wish to alert the Men Below the Mountains of our presence.>> In her memories, the Thassa winds were, indeed strong. She remembers her Nuptial Flight over the frozen Northern seas and shivers a bit. Karn touches her antennae <<Perhaps Jisk is dead, Mother. It is always..>>

<<No. We will not give up hope … yet.>> the Nest Mother replies, her scents strongly agitated <<We will search until we find out… either way. They may have killed Jisk… or they may give shelter… we cannot be sure. The note indicated Jisk is alive. We will search.>>

The Nest Mother feels the feather-touches of her children’s antennae stroking and comforting her. Odors of love and devotion fill the Birthing Chamber and she relaxes into the care and affection of her broodlings.
<<We will find him. Any mother would do the same. My child is lost. I will see him to safety if it is possible.>>

As night skies cover the Sardar Mountains, the Priest-Kings worry for their lost one.

[14:15] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): /s Xi’s scent spreads out calling for Jisk
[14:17] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris) halts as Jisk’s scent becomes stronger
[14:17] Parvin (xcept.atlas) peeks out from the side of the rock, Seeing yet another one of the insects. “GAAAHhhh…
[14:18] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris) touches Jisk’s antennae <<Mother has been searching for you!>>
[14:18] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): <<Are you safe?>>

[14:18] Jisk: Jisk quivers, the scent familiar. His antennae shudder as the other touches him, the feathering of the receptors comforting. No need for his translator. “I am safe. I have been waiting”
[14:19] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): <<Have the people here been good to you?>>
[14:19] Parvin (xcept.atlas) ducks behind the rock again, in case the answer is a bad one
[14:20] Jisk: The Priest King hears his servant and motions the mull to come forward. A cloud of scent, and it is joyful “They feed me nectar here. Yes. They call it pie. We should bring such things to our nest”
[14:21] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris) curls his antennae and his translator crackles “Do not fear, human hiding nearby. We wish you no harm.”

[14:22] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): <<You will tell Mother about this ‘pie’ “>> “You have done well human now no longer hiding. You have pleased the Priest-KIngs”
[14:22] Jisk ducks to look at the human, his translator emitting a soothing hum “You may have the honor of coming to serve us if you wish it. I will give you this choice. Not many shall be so fortunate”
[14:23] Parvin (xcept.atlas) crawls out from the cave, rather dirty, diet never consisted of anything close to the mul fungus, But probably smelling of fruit of the south, tospit and larma. I look up as they talk at me. “Aii, Priest King, pie, the trading port gets the best fruits of Gor, the mistress makes some great pie.” Never having turned down a request by a Priest King, “Ah.. well.. I’m owned, it’s up to my Master. He might be done with me after four years..”
[14:24] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): <<Is it wise to have a human come to the Nest, Jisk? Mother has not been consulted.>>
[14:24] Jisk: Jisk ponders, swaying side to side. He realizes he must concede, “I will leave this mull here to live. He has honor enough already. He was allowed to serve Jisk”
[14:25] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): “Yes. Perhaps the Mother will have a gift to give to him for his service. Is there a schematic for creating this ‘Pie’ that we may copy and duplicate?”
[14:26] Jisk: Jisk gives the boy a soft push “Go and fetch us a pie, mull, that we may take it to our nest for duplication”
[14:26] Parvin (xcept.atlas) pays homage to each, “Thank you for being allowed to serve You.” I tilt my head, unsure what they mean by schematic for pie. “Ah.. we could ask the Mistress for the recipe. ” I stand, “oh, yes, as you wish.” I run off towards the market
[14:26] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris) grooms a feathery antenna listening to the human’s strange sounds. The Translator turns all into scents that carry more meaning
[14:27] Jisk: The Jisk then looks around, having grown almost fond of these realms. His antennae vibrate again “Here they have been respectful, and helped me to stay safe. Even when a Kur came near and burned my hiding place, they gave Jisk refuge in this cave”
[14:27] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): <<We will wait for this human to bring the ress-ih-pee for the pie.>> the scent flows sweetly on the wind
[14:28] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): <<Good. Mother will approve most heartily. I Xi will take you back home to safety>>
[14:30] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris) reaches out with a foreleg comb and affectionately grooms Jisk’s antennae
[14:30] Jisk sways and touches you. His scent wafting approval “I have missed the nest, the mission was a failure. Our ship went down and all were lost. I am afraid Zikmahl was lost. All of our cargo as well”
[14:31] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): “The slaves? And Zikmahl as well? Mother will be distressed. But you are safe and that is good. There will be great rejoicing in the Nest>>
[14:31] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): <<Was it the kurii?>>
[14:32] Chance (chance.byron) stops behind the rocks
[14:32] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris)’s antennae quiver as the scent of a strange human approaches
[14:33] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): Ah! This other human is the ress-ih-pee ofr the pie! We will capture it.
[14:33] Jisk turns as their scent approaches, odd and musky they are, and their sounds give off a medley of confusing odors. He gives Xi’ an affirmative “Kur. They took us down at the edge of the jungle. Almost we were in the Thassa”
[14:33] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): “It is good you were not lost.”
[14:33] Jisk: JIsk looks at the rock boy “Mother would not want us to bring it. This boy here is the pie boy. Did you bring it?”

[14:34] Chance (chance.byron) hears the PK’s and gulps, scrambling backward, nearly psissing himself
[14:34] Parvin (xcept.atlas) saw the antenna quivering, keep back and kneel with the pie in hand then hold up to the Priest Kings with my head down, “Aii, Pie. It’s Cherry.”
[14:34] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): Oh… then this human “boy” is not the schematic for creating the pie?
[14:35] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris) ‘s antennae twitch at the strange sweet aroma “It smells of burnt sa-tarna, water, and fruits of tree. This is pie?”
[14:35] Jisk: Jisk sways again, his hunger wafting “THis is the delicious pie. The fruit of the humans of this island. It is fit for a Priest King.” he reaches and ttakes it
[14:36] Parvin (xcept.atlas): “The blond slave is not the schematic no, he doesn’t taste like pie either.” I sniff it, “Yes Priest king, burnt sa tarna water and fruits, but the mistress adds something called ‘yummy goodness to it”
[14:36] Parvin (xcept.atlas) hands the pie over to Jisk
[14:36] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris) reaches out with antennae brushing the surface of the pie “Oh! A combination of foods? strange. Why would food be mixed? It is like fungus and gur mixed together. Unnatural.”
[14:37] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): Yummy goodness. I will make note of it.”
[14:37] Jisk: Jisk holds the pie close, his mandibles twitching with lust. Almost feeling proprietary when the other touches it. “Only because it is a wonderful concoction!” holding it out finally “We will make more. Then you’ll know it”
[14:38] Parvin (xcept.atlas) thinks about that, my Master liked things plain too, suls far away from his meat, fruit far away from his rence. I look up and grin, my left canine tooth is missing, “I don’t know where the Mistress gets the yummy goodness from, she does sing when she bakes, maybe it’s in the song.”
[14:38] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris) works up courage to try a tiny taste. Breaking off just a bit delicately the Priest-King ingests it.
[14:38] Jisk: Jisk turns then, a familiar smell. “Ah, here is the leader of these creatures”
[14:39] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): Oh! It is very flavorful, this “yummy goodness” of pie.”

[14:39] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): You may have the remainder, Jisk. I have fed today and to eat extra is not adviseable.
[14:39] Marin Urdaneta: mmmh … I think this is one of the times when we better stand out of this
[14:39] Jisk: Jisk gives a low rumble, his entire firgure trembling. Perhaps they cannot know, but he is laughing as Xi tastes the pie for the first time. THe Priest King looks to the Marin one. “My rescuers have come. The Priest Kings are grateful to you”
[14:40] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris) looks at the newly arrived human. The translator crackles “Tal third human to arrive.”
[14:41] Marin Urdaneta: Tal
[14:41] Conny Osterham looks up the gods “Grreetings…….”
[14:41] Parvin (xcept.atlas) was pretty sure there were enough muls in the nest, I look over to Chance, “mul fungus for you”
[14:41] Jisk: Jisk looks down on the leader and the smaller creatures “Here is Xi’ Xyn. To return me to the nest, to my Mother”
[14:42] Marin Urdaneta thinks for a moment and answers … Safe Paths
[14:43] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): I will take Jisk to safety. You have cared for Jisk well and will be rewarded, when Mother knows of Jisk’s safety.
[14:43] Jisk: Jisk shudderas again, laughing at the dry wit of this one “We offer your land a gratuity. What would please you, Muh_Rin?”
[14:44] Marin Urdaneta: nothing … we have a satisfying life here
[14:44] Parvin (xcept.atlas) wanted to consider my words carefully, Nyundo having already flooded twice, and then lost an Initiate to an Assassin, while asleep on the job. I look over to Master Marin and then insolent Chance. I look up to the Priest Kings, “Can you bless the harvest?”
[14:45] Conny Osterham thinks his Master should wish a lot of candy for boys
[14:45] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris) turns antennae toward Jisk “Mother says we are worshipped as divinities below the Mountains. We will send abundant rain and good crops with the weather system. It will please them greatly.”
[14:45] Jisk: Jisk turns to Xi’, trying to comprehend such a thing. Then to the servant of pie boy, “If the Mother approves it, we can. Do you not think so Xi’ Xyn?”
[14:45] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): “Yes, I think so, Jisk.”
[14:46] Jisk: Jisk touches antennae with Xi’ “We think much the same way”
[14:46] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): “Of course we do. It is Nest Trust. We will send the White One… Te’Rek to bless the harvest.”
[14:47] Parvin (xcept.atlas) claps softly with my 7 remaining fingers, “Thank you holy Priest Kings”
[14:47] Jisk sways again “Yes. Te’Rek. We will send them Te’Rek”
[14:47] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): “We will go now.”
The two Priest-KIngs step delicately into the glowing silver craft and it moves silently but swiftly upward and away.
[14:47] Marin Urdaneta: Travel safe.
It is a swift flight to the Sardars. The gleaming ship hums the ground-resistance tome and they glide into the Nest Hangars. Once settled the two Priest-Kings step from the craft and enter the great Temple area

[14:49] Jisk waves his breathing tubes, inhaling al the scents of home
[14:51] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): Welcome home, Nest Sibling!
[14:52] Jisk: I am happy!”
[14:52] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): As are we to see you dsafely home
[14:52] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): You must tell us all about your experiences!
[14:53] Jisk lifts his wings jubilantly “We will mourn our fallen later. For now, I only am grateful” and a thought “They had no initiates in their lands!”
[14:53] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): That will be repaired.
[14:54] Jisk: “Yes, it must, I think” Jisk grooms his antennae and mandibles “I miss our Mother’s scent”
Suddenly the area is flooded with the grateful odors of the Mother. She enters, antennae high and quivering with emotion
[14:55] Mother (vixyn.felisimo): MY CHILD!
[14:55] Mother (vixyn.felisimo): You are safe oh you are safe!! I am pleased!
[14:55] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): Mother!
[14:55] Jisk: MOTHER!
The Mother steps forward and touchers antennae with her broodlings
[14:55] Mother (vixyn.felisimo): If you knew how we worried!
[14:56] Mother (vixyn.felisimo): Welcome home Jisk!

[14:56] Jisk: Jisk leans and touches his antennae to hers. Vibrating “We were attacked by Kur”
[14:56] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): Unfortunately the slaves and pilot were lost.
[14:57] Jisk lowers his head, dropping “Zikmahl is lost to us, Mother”
[14:57] Mother (vixyn.felisimo) ‘s antennae droop sadly “It is sad. But you are safe, Jisk!
[14:57] Mother (vixyn.felisimo): Zikmahl will be remembered. Zik’s scent is still with us and will be marked in the Hall of Heroes
[14:58] Jisk: Jisk sways, in respect and agreement “Zik will be remembered. And Mother, his translator saved me. It was brought to me by the humans, and with it, I sent a message”
[14:59] Mother (vixyn.felisimo): Yes.
[14:59] Mother (vixyn.felisimo): The note was given to a Parr-vin. He gave it to a temple slave, arax, who brought it to Terek who contacted Vliss who read it to me!
[14:59] Mother (vixyn.felisimo): I sent Xi to find you
[15:00] Jisk: Jisk grooms her antennae to show his love, his word scents soft “Mother, the humans tried to rescue me, they gave me shelter”
[15:00] Mother (vixyn.felisimo): This is good.
[15:00] Jisk: “Par-vun” Jisk’s eyes whirl in fondness “he brings Jisk the delicious pie foods”
[15:00] Mother (vixyn.felisimo): I was told that the humans are barbaric… disease carriers. I have never actually seen one… but perhaps they are not quite as fearful
[15:01] Mother (vixyn.felisimo): What do they look like?
[15:01] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): Surely Mother you have read the scent images?
[15:01] Mother (vixyn.felisimo): Yes, but that is scent, I am strangely curious as to the *sight* of them.
[15:01] Jisk sways, still close to her “They do have an odd smell, mother, and they scurry around as our mul here. But they have goodness, I’m sure of it. Jisk would like to show them our gratitude”
[15:02] Mother (vixyn.felisimo): Ah, they DO resemble the muls? Then they are frightfully ugly no doubt
[15:02] Mother (vixyn.felisimo): But still. We shall be merciful to them
[15:02] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): They asked for a blessing upon the crops.
[15:03] Mother (vixyn.felisimo): Crops….. Oh! Their fungus! Yes, we will do so
[15:03] Jisk looks to Xi’ for an opinion “They are somewhat ugly. But they ask for little and were highly respectful, as they should be”
[15:03] Mother (vixyn.felisimo): Xi, send a message to the Terek. He is to bless their crops. Orders of The mother.
[15:03] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): Yes, Mother.
[15:04] Mother (vixyn.felisimo): I shall tell the Nest. All will rejoice at our safety.
[15:04] Jisk: Jisk, twists to clean his legs, then his wings and then his thorax. Strangely disconcerted “Mother, I can still smell them”
[15:04] Mother (vixyn.felisimo): And there will be gifts for the humans.
[15:05] Mother (vixyn.felisimo): I will consider what will be given to the humans.
[15:05] Jisk sends out a soft mist “The Mother wil do what is best”
[15:06] Mother (vixyn.felisimo): Yes..
[15:06] Mother (vixyn.felisimo): I must return to the Brood Chamber.
[15:06] Mother (vixyn.felisimo): I wish you well, both of my children
[15:06] Jisk: Jisk nods and sways to her “Yes Mother”
[15:07] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): She is so pleased!
[15:07] Jisk: “I am so relieved. I began to worry i would live eons in that small cave”
[15:13] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): Mother would never have allowed that to happen. We would have rescued you even if we had to level the islands to do so
[15:14] Jisk considers it and swivels his triangualr head to regard you “I am glad we did not have to. Jisk grew fond of the creatures there. They are strangely passionate.
[15:15] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): I only fear that Mother will become TOO intrigued. She has a strangely curious mind and is forever seeking knowledge *outside* the Nest… but it is not for me to worry about.
[15:16] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): She mentioned that… in the records before our brood, there was a human-mnot-human captured by us… who had doubled internal organs.
[15:16] Jisk: “She will not leave here, that much is certain. Perhaps we can bring them here. Although, I do know the thought of it distresses them” A tremble of laughter “The fair haired creature smelled of urine when you suggested it”
[15:17] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): A strange being who was nearly dissected. When our scientists failed to find out what the human truly was, he was mind-wiped and dropped onto Gor and left.
[15:17] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): Urine? … Oh! Mul waste!
[15:17] Jisk: “Double entrails then?” Jisk goes silent and his eyes spin. “I have not read of this but I know it now”
[15:18] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): Yes. He lived for a long time even without the longevity serum.
[15:18] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): But eventually, he was killed.
[15:18] Jisk: Jisk takes in your knowledge, holding still “What did the humans call it?”
[15:19] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): The humans had no idea he was any different than they. But the human called himself Ka Ra Den.
[15:19] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): And lived for a very long time, first as a Green… their caste of physicians… and then as an Initiate for some strange reason.
[15:19] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): The Initiates killed him for deserting them
[15:20] Jisk: “THis is a good memory” Jisk turns and looks to you, touching forehead to forehead to know more of it
[15:23] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): We had hoped to save the strange one from the Initiates, Mother told me, but he vanished upon the impalement stake. Nobody knows where the body went. He just… vaporized
[15:23] Jisk: Jisk lifts his wings, stretching them. “Even Mother doesn’t know where he went?”
[15:23] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): No.
[15:24] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): It is WHY she has sent ships out. To see if she can find the strange one again.
[15:24] Jisk: Jisk feels a little unsettled, But Mother knows all things”
[15:25] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): According to the records of our scientists, the mul had two hearts, and a double circulatory system, doubled livers spleens and so on… but very much like us… it had also no lungs!
[15:25] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): Instead respiration was similar to ours, a series of tubes int he body
[15:25] Jisk: “But not us. Perhaps from another of the stars?”
[15:25] Xi ‘Xyn (xynxi.xaris): It was thought that perhaps the being was some strange human-Priest-king hybrid! Imagine that! Silly if you ask me! (antennae curl in laughter)

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