Religion finds Parvin 10,146CA

The return to Nyundo and to his Master’s side was not a time for rest. The great canal was being dug where the River Ua ended, the unexplored forests would be traversed, a path to the monastery would be laid. It was there that the slave befriended Stari, the one of three high initiates. Learning again and pledging to protect and defend the white caste monastery and its golden circle.

The Initiate would send the slave on missions, one of which was to secure a Tuchuck to remove an aching tooth from the Initiate’s mouth.  Parvin didn’t know the difference between the tribes of the wagon people and instead of bringing back a Tuchuck healer, he returned with two Torturers the Kassar Clan.  The Initiate wasn’t quite pleased, but they did take his tooth out.  …

[2012/08/04 07:01] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me heads into the kitchen and prepares a plate of fruit for the Blessed One. I wash off the larma, ramberries and tospit. Cutting the larma into slices, garnishing with the ramberries and spritzing with the citrus fruit.

[2012/08/04 07:13] Door: Xcept Atlas is at the door.
[2012/08/04 07:13] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me pets the cat
[2012/08/04 07:27] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me kneels, “Tal, Blessed One. Good morning.”
[2012/08/04 07:28] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): “Good Morning….” sighs….
[2012/08/04 07:28] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me hears you sigh, I pet Jackie. “I made a fruit plate for you if you would like some, Blessed One.”

[2012/08/04 07:29] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): /me nods…”Aye…we could use some …. Let us go to the tavern…”

[2012/08/04 07:29] Parvin (xcept.atlas): Yes, Blessed One.

[2012/08/04 07:29] Door: ShanePaul Benazzi is at the door.

[2012/08/04 07:31] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me cleans off the chair and then gets the plate of fruit. I slide it in front of you. “larma, ramberry and a spritz of tospit, Blessed One. Would you like water?”

[2012/08/04 07:32] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): “Aye….aye..some water will work. But not sweetened no fruit in it…i may explode of the energy then.”

[2012/08/04 07:32] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me smiles up, “Yes, Blessed One, Water, no fruit, we don’t want exploding Initiates.”

[2012/08/04 07:33] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): /me sighs….

[2012/08/04 07:33] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me looks over, “may I ask if you are ok, Blessed One?”

[2012/08/04 07:33] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): “And that…ice cold…really cold…”

[2012/08/04 07:34] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): /me “Hum…”
[2012/08/04 07:34] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): /me tipping the right side of His face.
[2012/08/04 07:35] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): /me narrows His eyes… “Well…hurry up a bit.”

[2012/08/04 07:36] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me places a cup of water next to the fruit. “yes, Blessed One.”

[2012/08/04 07:37] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): /me grabs the water…right after the mul placed it on the table..taking a sip but doesn’t swallow…flushes the water through his mouth…canting His head to the right, and holds still.

[2012/08/04 07:38] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me watches you do that, rather unsure what you will do next.

[2012/08/04 07:38] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): /me sighs, releases the air through His nose…staring at the table…seeing the fruit, pushing the plate a bit off.

[2012/08/04 07:39] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): /me swallows the water…and grabs again the cup.

[2012/08/04 07:39] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me stays quiet. I put my head down a bit. Surely the blessed one was worried about something, but I was not going to ask.

[2012/08/04 07:40] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): /me having himself more water..but swallows that.
[2012/08/04 07:40] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): “Do we have ice?”

[2012/08/04 07:40] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me looks up to the Blessed One. “Ahh.. well.. no, Blessed One.. This is the equator”

[2012/08/04 07:41] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): /me moans a bit, hearing there was no ice.
[2012/08/04 07:41] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): “Hum…i knowwww.”

[2012/08/04 07:41] Parvin (xcept.atlas): I can go to tabor and get you some, Blessed One

[2012/08/04 07:41] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): /me tipping again the side of His face.

[2012/08/04 07:42] Parvin (xcept.atlas): I’m glad to see you have healed well, Blessed One

[2012/08/04 07:42] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): “Huh…?”

[2012/08/04 07:43] Parvin (xcept.atlas): The scratches on your face have healed.

[2012/08/04 07:43] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): “Ah …that…pfff…that was nothing to what i feel now…”

[2012/08/04 07:44] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): “We need to see the Tuchucks.”

[2012/08/04 07:44] Parvin (xcept.atlas): It was my turn to tilt my head, “Tuchucks, Blessed One? the wagon people?”

[2012/08/04 07:44] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): /me nods

[2012/08/04 07:45] Parvin (xcept.atlas): Well, that will be an interesting trip, Blessed One

[2012/08/04 07:46] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): “Aye….my tooth….it’s terribe.”
[2012/08/04 07:46] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): /me taking a sip of the cold water again…

[2012/08/04 07:46] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me looks up as you talk of tooth pain, I wince, “oo ouch, Blessed One. I’m sure we can find a physician who specializes in teeth.”

[2012/08/04 07:47] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): “Out….out with it…Tuchuck men know how to do it….out!”
[2012/08/04 07:47] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): “It is killing me….”
[2012/08/04 07:47] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): “Ohw…my sweet Larl…it is terrible….”

[2012/08/04 07:47] Bailey Lyre: looks hearing the yelling .. and growls

[2012/08/04 07:48] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me gets pounced by Bailey, “Gaaahhhh… oh yes, blessed One. we’ll find a tuchuck man to come take your tooth out”

[2012/08/04 07:48] Bailey Lyre: smacks parvin with velvet paws

[2012/08/04 07:48] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me ggummffpspssss

[2012/08/04 07:48] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): /me tipping the side of his face again…sips more water…cold water…flushing it more through his mouth.”

[2012/08/04 07:49] Parvin (xcept.atlas): Shall I go find a Tauchuck Master, Blessed One?

[2012/08/04 07:49] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): “Bring me a camp….this…i can not hold any longer…”

[2012/08/04 07:50] Parvin (xcept.atlas): Bring you to them Blessed One?

[2012/08/04 07:50] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): ( what best translation – pain in back tooth or molar pain. )

[2012/08/04 07:51] Parvin (xcept.atlas): Blessed One, I fear you will have a lot more pain if I take you anywhere. Please try some cinommen and I will see if i can bring a tauchuk master back here

[2012/08/04 07:52] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): “Aye aye…”

[2012/08/04 07:53] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me heads out towards the docks

2012/08/04 07:53] Bailey Lyre: sighs.. and lays down.

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[2012/08/04 07:57] GM 4.2: Note: This region has weaker females option enabled.
[2012/08/04 07:57] GM 4.2: Note: This region has stronger melee weapons.

[2012/08/04 08:01] Trade Bell – v 1.5: You ring the trade bell
[2012/08/04 08:01] TM’s Trade Bell (by the docks): shouts: The trade bell rings long and loud… someone is here to trade, don’t shoot them!!: TM’s Trade Bell (by the docks)

[2012/08/04 08:05] Asadar (skyterror.asadar): Tal

2012/08/04 08:06] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me stays on my knees, “Tal, Master. I am from the jungle, a high caste master sent me to find a Tuchuk for him, to pull out his tooth… as unbelieveable as that sounds’
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[2012/08/04 08:13] Trade Bell – v 1.5: You ring the trade bell
[2012/08/04 08:13] TM’s Trade Bell (by the docks): shouts: The trade bell rings long and loud… someone is here to trade, don’t shoot them!!: TM’s Trade Bell (by the docks)

[2012/08/04 08:15] Soul (danta.texan): /me growls loudlly”WHAT YOU WANT THRALL!!!

[2012/08/04 08:16] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me looks up and swallows, “Tal, Masters. I’ve come from the forest. There is a high caste master that is gravely in need of the assistance of a Tuchuk….” i put my head down and wince

[2012/08/04 08:16] Sarin (matthew1995): Heh! *he shakes his head in dissapointment* Thralls…the discrases to all men…

[2012/08/04 08:16] Soul (danta.texan): what forest boy………

[2012/08/04 08:17] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me of course does agree, “yes, Master. The forest is Ukunga, in the Monastery, the high initiate has a toothache and thinks that the people of the wagons can remove the tooth correctly..’

[2012/08/04 08:19] Soul (danta.texan): /me snorts”we can remove his herad……..but a tooth”looks at Sarin”the man to heat wraped to do it him self i geuss

[2012/08/04 08:19] Sarin (matthew1995): you come here for a Dweller in needing of a Toothache?

[2012/08/04 08:20] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me lets out a sigh, “Aye, Masters. this isn’t the first time i’ve been sent to make contact.. first time for this reason.. please don’t take off his head.. Yes, or there may be another reason he won’t tell me, Master.’

[2012/08/04 08:22] Soul (danta.texan): /me nods to sarin”thare a hearler in camp?
[2012/08/04 08:22] Soul (danta.texan): healer?

[2012/08/04 08:23] Sarin (matthew1995): looks over to scaith shrugging his shoulders* No clue

[2012/08/04 08:23] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me looks up again, “it would have to be a Master, Masters. He cannot be touched by women or slaves.’

[2012/08/04 08:23] Sarin (matthew1995): I’ll get rid of his tooth *he grins evily*
[2012/08/04 08:24] Sarin (matthew1995): *he lifts his fist up in motion of him punching it out*

[2012/08/04 08:24] Soul (danta.texan): /me chuckles”im no healer but lead the way lad and we will see what the man wants…….”chuckles at Sarin and slaps his shoulder

[2012/08/04 08:25] Sarin (matthew1995): chuckles*

[2012/08/04 08:25] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me looks up at Sarin, i eb back as you put your fist up. “That’s not exactly the technique i think he was looking for, Master.” relieved i look at Soul. “Thank you, Master. It is not a far trip.”

[2012/08/04 08:27] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me prepars the wagon and gets in with the Masters. “Will be a short ride down the river when we get there’

[2012/08/04 08:27] Parvin (xcept.atlas): Thank you, Masters. Thank you

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[2012/08/04 08:29] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me pulls the boat up along side of the docks and tries not to get trampled by the kailla
[2012/08/04 08:29] Parvin (xcept.atlas): sorry about the hole in the docks, Master

[2012/08/04 08:30] Soul (danta.texan): stop playing in the water

[2012/08/04 08:30] Sarin (matthew1995): I swear to the spirits in the sky…

[2012/08/04 08:30] Parvin (xcept.atlas): It’s not that far now, Masters
[2012/08/04 08:31] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me watches as the Master looks over the abandoned fort
[2012/08/04 08:32] Parvin (xcept.atlas): watches as the Master looks over the abandoned fort

[2012/08/04 08:32] Soul (danta.texan): come on

[2012/08/04 08:32] Parvin (xcept.atlas): That’s a long way to the monestary, Blessed One
[2012/08/04 08:32] Parvin (xcept.atlas): Master

[2012/08/04 08:34] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me looks out for the other, Master. “Should we assume he can find his way, Master?”

[2012/08/04 08:35] Parvin (xcept.atlas): This way, Masters

[2012/08/04 08:36] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): /me moans “ooohwww…..” tipping again the side of his face…..tilting His head….”huh….”

[2012/08/04 08:36] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me returns, i come into the tavern and kneel. I’m a very dumb slave, “here are your Tachucks, Blessed one.”

[2012/08/04 08:36] Sarin (matthew1995): sighs shaking his head*

[2012/08/04 08:37] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): /me looks up “ohwww……you brought the outriders…the masters in art in… ” stops as he moves up his hand again tipping the side of his face…

[2012/08/04 08:38] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me looks over to master Sarin and Soul, “oh, you’re artists, Masters?”

[2012/08/04 08:38] Sarin (matthew1995): No

[2012/08/04 08:38] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): /me stands up…” Men of the Fields…i felt lesser pain on the moment i was capped by a Kurii then now…”

[2012/08/04 08:39] Sarin (matthew1995): Heh!

[2012/08/04 08:39] Soul (danta.texan): /me snorts”you have brung Kassars not tuchuks ………stupid boy

[2012/08/04 08:39] Bailey Lyre: watches suspiciously

[2012/08/04 08:39] Sarin (matthew1995): fields?

[2012/08/04 08:40] Soul (danta.texan): /me looks at the man and nods”your boy here says ya have a tooth problem white….

[2012/08/04 08:40] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): ‘The kassars…..of where their children can saddle an animal before they walk, boy!”

[2012/08/04 08:40] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me was glad to see Master Cais show up, surely collecting Tuchuks he excelled at. “oh… ” rather unfamiliar with the wagon people. I look up to Master CAis, “Tal, Master.” I listen to the Blessed One. “That’s quite a feat, Blessed One.”

[2012/08/04 08:40] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): “True…it’s this side….” pointing the right side of His face…

[2012/08/04 08:40] Sarin (matthew1995): looks over to the man to his right narrowing his eyes*

[2012/08/04 08:41] Bailey Lyre: growls softly

[2012/08/04 08:41] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): /me stands up…shoved the chair back…” you know how to …handle the bodyparts…take it out! The pain…..”

[2012/08/04 08:42] Bailey Lyre: snarles

[2012/08/04 08:42] Sarin (matthew1995): yeah *lifts his fist like he did back in camp to motion how to remove the problem*

[2012/08/04 08:43] cAiSoN (caison): /me looks to the initiate at the mention of pain, I didnt think this would be very pleassnt for the man.

[2012/08/04 08:43] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me winces as the Blessed One stands, never really understanding why people of the wagons would remove teeth… I see the fist again. “Maybe we should try the infirmary, Blessed One.”

[2012/08/04 08:44] Soul (danta.texan): /me snorts and wotchs the man then hold his hand up to sarin”sarin not ALL problems can be solved like that……

[2012/08/04 08:45] Sarin (matthew1995): chuckles* aye, maybe not…

[2012/08/04 08:45] Bailey Lyre: stands protectively

[2012/08/04 08:45] Soul (danta.texan): /me pulls out a small blade and a rock looking at the man”open your mouth and show me

[2012/08/04 08:45] Bailey Lyre: grolws..

[2012/08/04 08:45] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me wondered for a moment if Master Sarin was related to the resident black. I shook my head shaking off the thought. I see Bailey getting between the Blessed One and Sarin, “Bailey.. I have snacks.”

[2012/08/04 08:45] Sarin (matthew1995): loks down at the larl* ahh look a little fuz ball

[2012/08/04 08:45] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): /me steps forwards…

[2012/08/04 08:46] Bailey Lyre: stands between the initiate and the stranger

[2012/08/04 08:46] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): “Watch out…the pure white…”looking at the hands of the outrider….Cants his head and opens His mouth.

[2012/08/04 08:47] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me does the dumbest thing ever and tugs on Bailey’s tail. “Come here, Bailey.. he won’t damage him any more then he is already.’

[2012/08/04 08:48] Soul (danta.texan): /me looks at the larl”that thing attacks and it will die….”looks inside of the mans mouth then grabs him placeing his hand on the bottem and his thumb in the mans mouth he moves his head around trying to get more light

[2012/08/04 08:48] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): /me thinks for the first time how a captured man would feel when in the hands of the nomads…they were excellent torturers.. Not for nothing the White Caste asked them for their help.

[2012/08/04 08:49] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): “Uh–hhuhhh…” answering the man.

[2012/08/04 08:51] Sarin (matthew1995): he looks down at his bola lifting one of the ropes of the fine weapon of the wagon people spinning it boredly as he awaits to return back to the wagons feeling quite claustraphobic being within the walls of a city*

[2012/08/04 08:52] Soul (danta.texan): /me sees the tooth and smirks as he moves the mans cheek and set the handle of the quvia on the mans tooth then hits it with a rock then grabing the tool he stole from the healers wagon days ago reachs in and pulls it out looking to make sure all of it was out he pats the mans shoulder wipeing blood on the white robe”ah thare yah goo…….was that the right one let me look

[2012/08/04 08:52] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me watched for a moment, I would tackle Bailey if she went for Master Soul. I heard the bola cut the air, a sound that I only knew from one Master a very long time ago. I wrap both arms around Bailey’s midsection and hug around her. “Ooouuucchhhh” I wince as tooth comes out

[2012/08/04 08:52] Soul (danta.texan): /me smirks over at sarin

[2012/08/04 08:53] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): “aahaaarhhh…..” wanting to pull back His Holy head…reaching His face with both hands, but not able to break the strenght of the outrider….. “aahhaa haa”, bows deep…

[2012/08/04 08:54] Sarin (matthew1995): looks up at scaith smirking back*

[2012/08/04 08:54] Laithar Tyran: quietly stands over the tavern watching proceedings with curiosity from behind his mask. He crouches and watches.

[2012/08/04 08:55] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): “mmhnnnmmm hmm…” mumbling, making noises with the mouth full of blood…”clofff ” he signals the mul (slave).

[2012/08/04 08:55] Sarin (matthew1995): heh! you dwellers and being wimps *shakes his head* just a little tooth… we would have just gripped it with as much strength as possible and pulled that baby out if it were buggin us….

[2012/08/04 08:55] Soul (danta.texan): /me nods”better now eh”pulls out some wrap cloth and taers it then folds it socking it in paga”here put that in thare

[2012/08/04 08:55] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me unconsciously sucks my teeth, feeling a throbbing pain empathic pain, my eyes shut tightly. “uuugghhhhh” I look up to the Blessed One. “Salt and water, yes, Blessed One.” I release the larl and go to the kitchen to prepare it

[2012/08/04 08:56] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): /me hearing the outrider but ignores it…all there was was more pain…it felt like his head cracked.

[2012/08/04 08:56] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me fills a cup with water and adds a spoonful of salt I mix it in and bring it over to him

[2012/08/04 08:57] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): /me scares back…”pwaggaaa ?!?” feeling the cloth in his mouth..

[2012/08/04 08:57] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me shakes my head, “Sorry, Master, the men in white can’t have the good stuff.” I hand him out the salt water

[2012/08/04 08:58] cAiSoN (caison): /me gives laithar a nodd as he appears from the mist so to speak, glancing down to the initiate and the scene below

[2012/08/04 08:58] Sarin (matthew1995): crosses his arms shaking his head as he chuckles*

[2012/08/04 08:58] Soul (danta.texan): /me nods and lets go”it will kill any thing that will sell up your mouth”holds the bota out”ya want some?

[2012/08/04 08:58] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): /me shakes his head…

[2012/08/04 08:58] Laithar Tyran: stays stock still seeing blood, but not seeing any threatening behavior he continues to
watch silently from the vantage point, seeing Cai’s movement to his right he returns the nod

[2012/08/04 09:00] Sarin (matthew1995): he turns slightly around looking up to the two men his ayes narrowed as he then turns looking back towards the dwellers and his Kassar Brother*

[2012/08/04 09:01] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me didn’t see any problem with this, a black, a white, two wagon people, a red, and a larl in a tavern… just another day. “We’ll have the green mix up something tasty, Blessed One.”

[2012/08/04 09:01] Soul (danta.texan): /me looks and backs up looking over holding the rock and quvia up”what you two have bad teeth aswell?!?!?!

[2012/08/04 09:02] Sarin (matthew1995): chuckles*

[2012/08/04 09:02] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): /me cleans as far as possible his white robes…”you all drink……i eh…ouf…need to lay….”

[2012/08/04 09:02] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): ‘”Defender…share the paga…” facing the young warrior Cais.

[2012/08/04 09:03] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me looks over to Master Soul and Sarin, “We have some of the Scimitar Ubar’s blend 13 year old paga that was brought as a tithe. May we offer it to you, Masters?’

[2012/08/04 09:03] cAiSoN (caison): /me chuckles ” Paga blessed one? Well I have not been on travels to “borrow” any for quite some time.”

[2012/08/04 09:04] Laithar Tyran: On hearing the initiate’s words and seeing that there is no danger here he turns silently and stalks back into the shadows of the temple, giving a curt nod to the old man.

[2012/08/04 09:04] Sarin (matthew1995): looking up again he sees the man wering a hood he then looks to scaith with a raised brow in question towards the man wearing the hood*

[2012/08/04 09:04] Soul (danta.texan): /me walks up to the man and smirks holding out a bota of sul paga”here you are lad

[2012/08/04 09:05] cAiSoN (caison): /me strolls past the man to get a better ear of the conversation ” You have paga here blessed one?”

[2012/08/04 09:05] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): /me still holds the cloth, salty, paga…tasted all…

[2012/08/04 09:05] Soul (danta.texan): least i thank your of that sexule perswason ether that or a vary manlly women”laughs some looking at sarin

[2012/08/04 09:06] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): /me widens his eyes…turns around and walks away

[2012/08/04 09:06] Sarin (matthew1995): laughs*

[2012/08/04 09:07] Stari (shanepaul.benazzi): shouts: “Drinks on the house mul, for those men!”

[2012/08/04 09:08] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me didn’t really understand the Master’s accent. I took two footed bowls outside filled with the smooth ubar’s blend paga, I hold them up. “Thank you for your assistance, Masters. Would you like to come in for a drink?’

[2012/08/04 09:08] Sarin (matthew1995): ney

[2012/08/04 09:08] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me puts the drinks down, “Shall I show you back to the boat, Masters. Or would you care for a tour?”

[2012/08/04 09:09] Sarin (matthew1995): ugh how can you live with in walls?

[2012/08/04 09:10] Parvin (xcept.atlas): It’s difficult some days, Masters. But it is easy to get in and out of them

[2012/08/04 09:10] Sarin (matthew1995): it’s intrapment if you ask me

[2012/08/04 09:10] Soul (danta.texan): /me points to the stachue”ahhhhh look Sarin a clansmen

[2012/08/04 09:11] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me does tend to agree, “yes, Master. Where I am from there are no walls. ” I look up, “Clansman, Master?”

[2012/08/04 09:11] Sarin (matthew1995): smirks* aye!

[2012/08/04 09:11] Parvin (xcept.atlas): I think he is an outrider, Master

[2012/08/04 09:11] Sarin (matthew1995): the most feared men on Gor wouldn’t you agree?

[2012/08/04 09:11] Parvin (xcept.atlas): hmmm.. There are many men to be feared

[2012/08/04 09:12] Sarin (matthew1995): not like the men of the cloth boy

[2012/08/04 09:12] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me agrees to Master Sarin, “That one in white has scared me more then the ones in black ever have, Master.’

[2012/08/04 09:13] cAiSoN (caison): “Men are not to be feared… they are merely men, no matter their caste or culture. We can all impose the same dangers to one another, so biggest thing in gor to fear is fear itself”

[2012/08/04 09:13] Soul (danta.texan): /me nods and chuckles turning to the boy sounding cold and evil”NO boy i am a outrider a clansmen is to be feared by all more feared then the blacks…….i have heard that thay take the souls of the young and train thare bodys to break bones with persision

[2012/08/04 09:13] Sarin (matthew1995): shakes his head* A man of the cloth is more “Scary” then your measly initiate

[2012/08/04 09:14] Soul (danta.texan): /me turns”aye agreeded but what is fear eh

[2012/08/04 09:14] Sarin (matthew1995): aye, they hit every mark with exact persision, so I am told
[2012/08/04 09:15] Sarin (matthew1995): nods*
[2012/08/04 09:15] Sarin (matthew1995): fear is what brings a man down

[2012/08/04 09:15] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me of course would not disagree with any of you. “yes, Masters. you are all correct. Behind us is the baths. to the left is the stadium where Masters debate their opinions.” I’m always sure that the black is watching and listening, and of course I do fear him, “yes, I’ve heard that, Master.” Agreeing with Sarin

[2012/08/04 09:16] cAiSoN (caison): “every person has a different definition of fear, What clan are you from? I arrived late. I missed the introductions”

[2012/08/04 09:16] Soul (danta.texan): we are not of a clan but of the kassarian blood tribe

[2012/08/04 09:16] Sarin (matthew1995): we are of the Outriders
[2012/08/04 09:17] Sarin (matthew1995): We are of the Blood people

[2012/08/04 09:17] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me looked up to Master Cais, “The intitiate sent me to go find a tuchuck to take his tooth out, these Masters were kind enough to return with me.’

[2012/08/04 09:18] cAiSoN (caison): /me nods, ” I am sure I have heard of you, It does seem familiar. I had a friend and his companion of a similar peoples like yours”

[2012/08/04 09:18] Sarin (matthew1995): runs his right index finger over his right cheek over his scars*

[2012/08/04 09:18] cAiSoN (caison): “That was kind of them boy. I am glad you found someone to assist the white”

[2012/08/04 09:19] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me did know the stories of the scars, but didn’t know what the colors meant, “Masters, may I ask what the colors of the scars mean?” I look up to Master Cais, “Aye, it was destined to be, Master.”

[2012/08/04 09:19] Sarin (matthew1995): be lucky we came

[2012/08/04 09:20] Parvin (xcept.atlas): Quite lucky, yes, Masters.

[2012/08/04 09:21] Soul (danta.texan): /me shrugs ah i always jump at a chance to inflikt pain….”chuckles

[2012/08/04 09:21] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me winces, right eye shutting tightly, “Glad it all worked out.. Master…”

[2012/08/04 09:22] cAiSoN (caison): The initiates well being is important,

[2012/08/04 09:22] Sarin (matthew1995): not in our eyes dweller

[2012/08/04 09:23] cAiSoN (caison): Well ya came and hes well, good for us, You got to inflict pain, so I guess we all benefited from this.

[2012/08/04 09:23] Sarin (matthew1995): chuckles* perhaps

[2012/08/04 09:24] Soul (danta.texan): /me chuckles”aye

[2012/08/04 09:24] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me would never attempt to change another man’s mind. “Would you like to see the jungles, Masters?’

[2012/08/04 09:24] Soul (danta.texan): /me snorts”seen enuf jungles on the way here boy…

[2012/08/04 09:25] cAiSoN (caison): I assume your both out of your comfort zone being here

[2012/08/04 09:25] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me grins up at Soul, my left canine is missing, “Yes, Master. ”

[2012/08/04 09:25] Soul (danta.texan): me my self would like to get away from these walls and back to my herds

[2012/08/04 09:25] Parvin (xcept.atlas): I can show the way, Masters

[2012/08/04 09:26] Sarin (matthew1995): aye, I hate being with in the walls of a city

[2012/08/04 09:26] Second Life: Chris (chrisnc.adamski) is online.

[2012/08/04 09:26] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me wonders if the larl can heard bosk, “Bailey, do you like big dumb animals?”

[2012/08/04 09:27] Bailey Lyre: sniffs the air.. and chuffles

[2012/08/04 09:27] cAiSoN (caison): /me “Well I send you my thanks for coming to help the initiate. The boy can show you out when ever it suits you”

[2012/08/04 09:27] Sarin (matthew1995): now would be great

[2012/08/04 09:27] Soul (danta.texan): /me looks at the larl and growls some then snorts at the boy”beh you keep that beast off of owr lands or ill skin it myself

[2012/08/04 09:28] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me pets bailey and stands up, “This way, Masters. Bailey, stay with Cais.”

[2012/08/04 09:28] Soul (danta.texan): /me nods”aye things to do people to kill”show us boy\

[2012/08/04 09:30] Parvin (xcept.atlas): or we could go that way

[2012/08/04 09:32] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me swats away a few bugs. “shall we continue, Masters?”

[2012/08/04 09:37] Sarin (matthew1995): yo! you awake?

[2012/08/04 09:38] Parvin (xcept.atlas): I’m sure there is a saying about waking a sleeping outrider, Master

[2012/08/04 09:38] Sarin (matthew1995): laughs aye

[2012/08/04 09:39] Parvin (xcept.atlas): May i ask a question, Master?

[2012/08/04 09:39] Sarin (matthew1995): aye?

[2012/08/04 09:39] Parvin (xcept.atlas): Why were you at the tachuck camp if you are Kassar?

[2012/08/04 09:39] Soul (danta.texan): /me smack him on the back of the head”
[2012/08/04 09:40] Soul (danta.texan): AYE stop ya yelling

[2012/08/04 09:40] Parvin (xcept.atlas): probably a question i should have asked an hour ago

[2012/08/04 09:40] Sarin (matthew1995): it’s a Mix as there are really no Kassar camps around though I did see one yester day was empty

[2012/08/04 09:41] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me gives an “aahh.. ok, Master. Next time i’ll ask”

[2012/08/04 09:41] Sarin (matthew1995): it was empty*
[2012/08/04 09:42] Sarin (matthew1995): shall we continue on our way home?

[2012/08/04 09:42] Soul (danta.texan): /me nods ooclly chewing on the steak waveing it in front of sarin
[2012/08/04 09:42] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me salivates
[2012/08/04 09:43] Sarin (matthew1995): laughs* you’re an ass you know that *chuckles* be careful of that steak I might grab it when you least expect uit

[2012/08/04 09:43] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me follows the steak eating mMaster

[2012/08/04 09:44] Soul (danta.texan): god you suck at jumping sarin hahaha))

[2012/08/04 09:44] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me prepares the boat to take them to the wagons, I add a barrel of the ubar’s blend paga. “I wish you well Masters. Thank you very much for coming.’

[2012/08/04 09:45] Sarin (matthew1995): uh huh

[2012/08/04 09:45] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me ) prepares the boat to take them to the wagons, I add a barrel of the ubar’s blend paga. “I wish you well Masters. Thank you very much for coming.’

[2012/08/04 09:45] Parvin (xcept.atlas): May you always have water

[2012/08/04 09:45] Soul (danta.texan): /me jumps back on his kaliia stealing sarins aswell makeing him walk home

[2012/08/04 09:45] Parvin (xcept.atlas): and bosk

[2012/08/04 09:45] Bailey Lyre: sniffs the air following the smell of meat and blood

[2012/08/04 09:45] Sarin (matthew1995): HEY! *he runs after him trying to get to his Kaiila*
[2012/08/04 09:46] Sarin (matthew1995): damn cat

[2012/08/04 09:46] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me grabs BAiley before she gets on the Kallia with the Kassar

[2012/08/04 09:46] Parvin (xcept.atlas): Noooo Baielyy

[2012/08/04 09:46] Bailey Lyre: licks her lips and tries to look innocent
[2012/08/04 09:46] Bailey Lyre: lays down grumbling

[2012/08/04 09:47] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me brushes you with my fingers. “They’re an interesting bunch’

[2012/08/04 09:56] Bailey Lyre: seesa a rope and cant help but attack it making the bell ring.

[2012/08/04 09:56] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me laughs as you go for the rope to the bell

[2012/08/04 09:56] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me just shakes my head, “I’ll call you to come do that the next time the intiate asks me.’

[2012/08/04 09:56] Bailey Lyre: bounces around poroudly as it rings and rings knocking her off her feet

[2012/08/04 09:57] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me laughs
[2012/08/04 09:57] Parvin (xcept.atlas): good larl
[2012/08/04 09:58] Parvin (xcept.atlas): /me sits near the tavern and talks to the larl like she understands me. “That worked out oddly well.” I give her a hug as she puts her paws up
[2012/08/04 10:00] Parvin (xcept.atlas): I’m glad the black and the red were here, I couldn’t have taken down both of the wagon people if they decided to borrow the intiate.’

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