The Kajira, Cara 10,157CA

Something went wrong along the way. A beautiful girl fell in love with the dumb slave. In a dream her love was the end of the boy, neck met a Master’s blade, the girl followed him to the sands. Only a dream, but enough to open the kajirus’ eyes, he makes a plan to get into her Master’s good graces before impending doom. The kajira’s love for slave was shown in a dance on the sands in front of the free men and woman at a contest. Luckily she didn’t win and Parvin was able to escape unharmed and return to his work. ….

[14:34] Hope String (hope.chatterbox) smiles at perle, “Very lovely perle … you did great and I liked the song” chuckles, “Our next talented beauty s cara (magikal lyric). She taught herself to dance on gor. She is the property of Kamshak The Commander of Mercenaries of The Village of Maelstrom. She is happy to preform today for the pleasures of the Free.. She wants to dance today in remembrance of Master Casca Hartono Who left us some time ago. The only Physician to get away with having funny gadgets, and a MRI machine on second life Gor. She believes most important role of a kajira is Exquisite beauty and Absolute Obedience and She thanks you for allowing her to preform today.” smiles, “Cara please take your place in the sands and let tabi know when you are ready”

[14:34] Krista (krista1k) cheers for cara

[14:35] Eleni Ambroso (eleniambroso): claps for Cara.

[14:35] Chamilla Mocha: claps loud for ɏʁɏɔ

[14:35] Firepit: A log burns up on the fire.

[14:36] ɏʁɏɔ (magikal.lyric): The wind cold sounds of waves thrashing across the shore from the sea. He watches ships cross on the horizon. His life’s mission was to find her., only to see her beautiful image embedded in his mind daily… All the days he missed torn apart from the one he loves; hoping against hope, longing for encounters every second of every day. Imagine a girl leaning on the railing of a voyager ship. Imagine He forced to slavery fishing in a small boat near shore. The girl stolen from another world, gorgeous, yet a little frightened she not knowing where she was being taken.

[14:36] ɏʁɏɔ (magikal.lyric): The boy is seems mere thrall, but unbowed and proud. There was no reason for them to meet. They lived in different worlds. They are incompatible; he enslaved, her barbarian brought from earth. They are, so they thought strangers, impossible. Now imagine the gale that blows the boat into the voyager’s path. Imagine the moment when the girl sees the small boat, when she sees the boy thrown into the waves as the story began…

[14:37] ɏʁɏɔ (magikal.lyric): A flaxen haired beauty stolen from the depths of the place once called earth the small frail one pushed into the voyager, suddenly wrapped in chains, tugged harshly by a chain that binds the girl from wrist to wrist, looped through the ring on her sudden found steel encased throat. Wild array of sun kissed tresses spill down over feline back the exotic beast stolen from safe surroundings, taken and tossed within sparkling granules of the seas shore, dark hues transfixed seeking the boy she saw fall into the sea, Moved along like meat to be sold by Slavers who captured her.

[14:37] ɏʁɏɔ (magikal.lyric): Dark hues blurred only seeing shadows unable to make out anyone around her, heartbeat pounding, not knowing what holds the chains that she is bound by flashing a rebellious midnight glare to the One who took her from her only home she knew, scared yet frail thinking fearfully “Why are they doing this?” The Slaver bellows for her to dance “Dance girl!” blurting out ” please take me home!?” Terrified untrained look upon swaying hips slowly upon supple feet, scornful look upon sultry features as eyes revert to the seas shore seeking him. Perhaps he is still alive and can hear her cries? Hands reach to find steel enveloped and locked upon tender neck only to cry out in desperation..

[14:38] ɏʁɏɔ (magikal.lyric): She felt the grip of cool steel of the heavy chain upon her flesh, pulling lithe form to press against Him, inhaling a terrified breath when the flash of His threatening quiva fills azure gaze. Tossing the girl.. Turning away from Him in desperation to hide her naked form, flaxen ringlets shimmering as they spiral down to cloak a trembling girl from the gathered Frees view, growling when His command echoes for her to ‘Dance Right Slave! Show your worth Slut!”

[14:39] ɏʁɏɔ (magikal.lyric): Jerking back with released grip, whimper of sweet torment and confusion as loathsome chain glides down over satin skin laying against sleek firm thighs. Gaze pleading with the Free, gasping when lust filled excitement within their eyes lust ignites fiery need smoldering in taut belly. A shattered breath leaves parted lips while heated frame betrays her, lean hips begin to sway strategically yet hesitantly as a erotic melody fills her surroundings seeing the thrall erupt through the crowd.

[14:39] ɏʁɏɔ (magikal.lyric): Her golden locks caress pert breasts as soft melodically notes began to flow through enraptured form. Delicate digits tease shivering slave flesh while timidly moving towards him that watches, kalikas strum vibrates over quickened senses, pulling small creature into tempting enchantment of sensual tune and dominating chain. It sways but a moment beneath vigilant gazes of Free in attendance, teasing flash of provocative desire. Indigo eyes flash when hourglass form begins to move with sensual ease.

[14:40] ɏʁɏɔ (magikal.lyric): Daringly dainty footfalls step towards him, supple back arching in serpentine glory to clash of cymbals, hunger surging to luscious feel of golden tresses taunting undulating heart shaped bottom. supple form twirling while the tempo quickens, lustful need for the one she kept eyes on throbbing through every fiber of petite form as stroke of slithering chain causes silver rings held within puckered coral nipples to shift, withdrawing a aching shout of despair.

[14:41] ɏʁɏɔ (magikal.lyric): As the boy moved closer she found her eyes become saucers as she recognized his face. spins like a whirling dervish, long curls flying out around her body like untethered tarn wings, arms reaching towards him, desperate for any sign of recognition If only she could reach him he`d see it was her. Tears strum her facial cheeks as she felt the pounding tabors the beat to which bare feet stomp in cadence, blond tendrils clinging to now damp flesh like a lover’s caress while amber glow of torchlight flickers over soft flesh. halting before him, locking vibrant gaze boldly to his while fingertips roam shamelessly over quivering flesh, tempting their vision as she loses herself to enticing rapture of confining chains; not knowing what her future holds.

[14:42] ɏʁɏɔ (magikal.lyric): Growls in sweet surrender her hunger within, gleaming chain tantalizes silken skin, melodic sound of flutes urging palms to flutter over hardened nubs, digits tugging silver rings in delicate torment, gliding upward till they plunge into tumbling array of dusky strands, glistening beads trickle over slender form, twirling in bewitching allure, hiding nothing of her seductive beauty from Their gaze. Unbeknown to her she was being shown for a life of slavery.

[14:42] ɏʁɏɔ (magikal.lyric): Prowling closer like a she-larl hunting its prey, feral growl rumbles from heave of breasts as her lost loves masculine scent surrounds her. While flowing to open display at the feet of men, tormenting chain slides over quivering succulent thighs as lean hips gyrate in sweet abandon. Her cries are heard by the one she ached for only in dreams that had past. Tapered digit tips taunt awakened flesh in scandalous attempt to entice his desires, feminine spine arching in glorious presentation, immersed fully in this sensuous moment under his gaze

[14:43] ɏʁɏɔ (magikal.lyric): Her moments stop suddenly thrown to her knees, tear streaked thassa hues gaze to her lost love and then the One who captured her , hammering heart beats in a wild cantor, facial cheeks turn a hue of rouge filling angrily, begging to be freed sensual form laden with shimmering dew struggles with her inner self, pearl white teeth sink hard into lower quivering lip, long blond hair splays over sensuous curves tickling full rounded tender breasts, He draws her closer, feeling His strong hand beneath the steel encased throat as he spoke whispers of deceit in the shell of her ear. “Say good-bye slut to your lover slave girl” He bellowed in fits of laughter as He slit the boy’s throat before her very eyes.

[14:44] ɏʁɏɔ (magikal.lyric): Hourglass form stiffens within His touch, heart pounding loudly, firm breasts rise and fall, the coldness of His form seemingly enveloping her, His scent abominable, dark hues lift to His, golden coated head spins with confusion as curvaceous silhouette seems to betray her, aching with a strange desire almost a need to lash out with anger, resisting those feelings not welcoming them in fear of her own life, quickly turns her light tressed head from Him jumping to delectable feet once again to go to the boy. Face streaked with tears that stained it feeling his heart beat drifting away once again. Shouts of anger and sobs at He who murdered her one..

[14:44] ɏʁɏɔ (magikal.lyric): Pulling away, still sobbing as her retreat is halted by the killers lips pressing hard to hers, her fate is sealed with the Masters kiss, slowly, the quivers and trembles ripple through her, fists fold as if a flower wilted, sobs carry as she had held him in her arms one last time, stirring the hunger and wanton desires within her now tender slave belly only to feel them slip again. The boy’s words within the air could be heard. “My girl I never gave up to have you in my arms again. I look upon your face a dream I have waited a long time while I was taken from you…I never left you mine. I was enslaved, yet I never gave up having you in my arms again”…

[14:45] ɏʁɏɔ (magikal.lyric): He reaches to the steel around her neck, unfastens the chain dropping it with a clang to the sands, pulling her close in a Masters kiss while his blood drained from his own, she was His, helpless form shaking as he lay there bleeding to death, lost within his last kiss holding the girl in complete dismay, inflamed always by the touch of His fingertips, driven into frenzied movements before Him till collapsing upon glittering grains.

[14:45] ɏʁɏɔ (magikal.lyric): The sounds of music dwindle off, releasing her from its saddened captivation, impassioned breath softly whispers … My Master.. I promise to meet you on the other side, I fear not my One. Sobbing she reached for the quiva he kept in his boot. As He took His last breath she then took hers whispering.. My Master From now until forever, I am yours..

[14:46] ɏʁɏɔ (magikal.lyric): la kajira!!!

[14:46] Mily Sandalwood claps

[14:46] Parvin (xcept.atlas): Love you girl.

[14:46] oisans26 Foxtrot: claps

[14:46] Draco Frost (icedman): Great job *whistles*

[14:46] Kirill Vought claps loudly for her

[14:46] Dany (dany.keneinan): applaudssssss

[14:46] Tikitai Tracer (tikitai): WOOOHOOOO…WOW amasing imagery!!…i loved this story about the thrall….and notices he was preety handsome too…wolf whistles for that dance…wow amazing
14:47] Orchid Easterwood applauds and Cheers!

[14:47] Chamilla Mocha: aplaudssssss

[14:47] Chamilla Mocha: claps claps claps!!!!

[14:47] CRUX (cruxiner) A mouthy scribe is made speechless…

[14:48] Eleni Ambroso (eleniambroso): exhales still clapping, “really beautiful.”

[14:48] Hope String (hope.chatterbox) smiles big at cara, “That was great cara … the emotions gave me goose bumps” looks out to the crowd, “Our next lovely dancer is Kira. Kira is the owner of the Slave Gardens and has been a dancer for two years. Kira enjoys the camaraderie of dancers within the community and the friendships she has made. As always she dances for your entertainment and hopes that you find her pleasing. ” nods to kira, “Kira please take your place in the sands and let tabi know when you are ready”

[14:48] Krista (krista1k) claps for kira

[14:48] Raven Daxeline: Woot! Applauds kira….set the sands on fire!

[14:49] Ązϊzα (riojadeice.orchid): claps for Kira

[14:49] RioJadeIce Orchid: applausi per Kira

[14:49] Orchid Easterwood claps loudly for kira! good luck sweet girl!

[14:49] Firepit: A log burns up on the fire.

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