Runaway slave, Kaj, meets Parvin at Nyundo

[07:11] Kaj (cossyra.mactavish) was just dreaming, relaxing, after the night spent stealing in the homes of Nyundo. He jumps, scared, taking fastly his knife

[07:13] Parvin (xcept.atlas) stands stolid in front of you as you arm yourself. Deep green eyes gaze into yours. “Put the knife down. Drawing steel to me gives me reason to kill you.”

[07:15] Kaj (cossyra.mactavish): “uh …”, he just murmurs, still confused. “Go away … go away …”, he says. The tone of the voice is rather anxious. The face muscles are tensed, all the body seems ready to make an orgy of blood. “You want to kill me … you want to kill me …”, kaj begins to tell with broken voice. He’s scared!

[07:17] Parvin (xcept.atlas) puts my hands out, they are empty, there is one finger that is missing from my left hand. “Put the knife down.” Unsure if you speak Schendian or another dialect. “Calma – Calm – I will go.”

[07:20] Kaj (cossyra.mactavish) makes close, then again leaves, making him far. Then Kaj approaches again the strange man in front of him. Yes, the man in front of him seems rather quiet. The glance falls on his hand. That man has a missing finger. Something happened to him. “Don’t you want to kill me? Don’t you want to whip my back till the blood flows from my skin?”, he says in a strange Schendi dialect, from a lost and hidden tribe, rather undiscovered. His lips tremble while the eyes begin to wet, slowly. Perhaps that man does not want to hurt him. The arm slowly begins to low, but the knife is always towards the body of the unknown man

[07:22] Parvin (xcept.atlas) shakes my head, again I repeat, “Put the knife down,” my voice is calm, my feet do not move. “No, I don’t whip.” I see how visibly disturbed you are. “I am Parvin, a woodsman, what is your name?”

[07:26] Kaj (cossyra.mactavish) makes close, makes far. Sincerely his brain has no peace. Kaj narrows the eyes, trying to understand what the man he’s saying. The calm voice, his behaviour … yes, the man does not seem to be an asshole. Slowly the knife goes down, the fingers open slowly letting the knife falling on the ground. “I’m Kaj”, he just says, falling on the ground, tired to be hidden among the trees, tired to steal food in the close village every night.

[07:28] Parvin (xcept.atlas) puts my hands to my sides, my shoulders slump as you put the knife down. “Well met, Kaj.” I notice a collar on your neck and the loin cloth, I point up to the waterfall. “Is this your home?”

[07:31] Kaj (cossyra.mactavish): The neck folds a bit, kaj begins to look at the ground, moving shyly and slowly the body. “I have not home … I …”, the body now negins to tremble. “I have run away from a terrible life … you see what I am … you see …”, he folds lightly the left leg, letting to show him the kef, well printed on the thigh.

[07:34] Parvin (xcept.atlas) shakes my head as you speak. “A home can be a cave, a hut, a bog.” Watching you point to the brand, I look over each of my shoulders to see if anyone else is looking. “Aii, a slave’s brand.” I nod. “Did you run far enough from your master?”

[07:37] Kaj (cossyra.mactavish) coughs, nervously and anxiously. No, he cannot say he killed anyone of his owners. “Nobody can find me … nobody”, he pretends to be desperate about it, but he’s happy to have run away. “They are far …”, he swallow a large amount of saliva, before continuing to talk, “… so far they cannot reach this small island”, the glance is towards the ground, while he begins to play nervously with his fingers, now wet and trembling.

[07:40] Parvin (xcept.atlas) payed attention to your movements and words. For a moment I smiled, as I did find you. “Aii, nobody can find you.” This I followed with a nod. Your dark skin told me you did not come from very far away. “Was it you who ate the meat in the tavern?”

[07:44] Kaj (cossyra.mactavish): The lips fold in a scared expression. Now the body begins to tremble more and more. Yes, he can do nothing just now, in front of a man with a bow … and probably ha has something else, perhaps in back or hidden in long tunic he dresses. “I was hungry …”, he trembles more and more, “… I’m hungry”, the voice becomes broken. “I did not want … but I’m hungry … hungry …”, he repeats when finally he falls on the ground. Yes, it was the right moment to kneel. Perhaps he could aavoid a sure death

[07:48] Parvin (xcept.atlas) listened, I understood hunger. As you knelt i put a hand out to you to lift you up. “It is not a crime to eat what is for all.” People from Nyundo only survived through sharing. “You my stand. There is soup and suls in the tavern. When you eat, share with others, do not raise a knife to people.” I then look up toward the coconut trees. “And if you can replenish the supplies, do.”

[07:51] Kaj (cossyra.mactavish): The hand, approaching himself, seems to him a terrible weapong wishing to destroy him. But … they are just creation sof his scared mind. He slowly stands up, cleaning fastly the knees from the soil. Just now the glance is towards the face of the man in front of him. He’s young, quiet. “Thank you, master .. thank you”, he smiles widely, still lightly trembling. “Yes … yes, master … he repeats. I’ll do”, he nods more and more as the other one may non understand his real intentions.

[07:57] Parvin (xcept.atlas) relaxed as you stood. “You may call me Parvin. There is an extra bow and arrows in the storage under the tavern. If you can hunt you may have it. ” I point to your knife. “You can make more arrows from the branches of the tem wood trees. I use slate rocks for the tips of the arrows. I break them until they are sharp. There is also rep twine in the tavern. Tie the slates to the tem wood branches. If you walk along the shore you will find feathers of birds. Use the long sturdy ones to put feathers on the ends of the branches so your arrows will fly straight.” I point toward the tavern. “You may eat and drink there. Kneel when spoken to and follow direction of the free men.”

[08:03] Kaj (cossyra.mactavish) follows carefully what Parvin says. He nods more and more. Sometimes he loses something, speaking another dialect of the Schendi. But he’ll take care of any of his words. Yes, he started another life. Kaj does not know how much long or great his life’ll be. But he does not care about that. “Yes, master, yes. I’ll take care of your tavern, I’ll hunt beasts for the people living here, I’ll serve any free as he wishes …”, he just swallows another bit of saliva. Yes, the last sentence about serving all the free scares himself. He perfectly knows how much assholes there are around. “This means I have to kneel in front of you … but … but you let me to understand I can stand …”, he says with a murmur, trying not to offend the free man in front of him

[08:08] Parvin (xcept.atlas) listened to you, I looked around again and then back to you, “If you were kneeling and a larl came to attach me, you could not save me. If you are standing with me in the forest, you can pull your knife and injure the larl. My ego does not require slaves to be on their knees. I know who I am, with or without a slave being told who they are.” I nod to you. “Kaj, may you find the nights of Nyundo relaxing and the days exciting. There are not many men that understand that slaves can be friends and enemies. I choose to treat them as friends.”

[08:13] Kaj (cossyra.mactavish) tries not to laugh in front of him. Yes, he likes that man, his words are clear, his behaviour is correct and nobody may tell other things than these one. “Yes, master, yes”, he nods politely, agreeing completely to him. But Kaj knows how much men are around, perhaps also close to them, preferring always and only the slaves knelt on their knees. The usual bullshit always flying on the brains of many goreans. Surely Kaj asks to himself the origins of this man, so wise … understanding so well the role of kajirus inside the gorean population. But Kaj cannot ask informations. He just preserves the words of the woodcutter like a treasure in his mind.

[08:19] Parvin (xcept.atlas) respectfully nodded my head to you. “I will go into Ukunga today across the canal. I need to bring wood and supplies to the monastery, they are rebuilding.” For a moment my eyes travel down your chest and to your loincloth. Catching myself and looking back up to you. “Don’t let yourself get damaged. I would like to see all of you one day.”

[08:21] Kaj (cossyra.mactavish): “Yes, master, yes. I’ll be care of me and everyone in the village. May you have a nice journey to Ukunga, master”, he bows lightly the head, giving respect to that wise free

[08:21] Parvin (xcept.atlas) walks off, “I wish you well, Kaj. May you always have water.”


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