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Parvin becomes an agent of the Priest Kings 10,158CA to 10,164CA

The slave’s loyalty to the Priest Kings and the White Caste helped to land the position of pilot of the Silver Ship during eight voyages of acquisition to Earth. He traveled to Russia, Africa, London, Cairo, Egypt, the Galaxy Cruise Chip and back in time to the rivers of Babylon. First assisting the agents and […]

The Kajira, Cara 10,157CA

Something went wrong along the way. A beautiful girl fell in love with the dumb slave. In a dream her love was the end of the boy, neck met a Master’s blade, the girl followed him to the sands. Only a dream, but enough to open the kajirus’ eyes, he makes a plan to get […]

Meeting the Priest Kings and offers pie 10,150CA

Somehow Parvin also assisted the return of one of the Priest Kings to the Nest by carrying a scent tape to the Sardar. The Nest Mother came to pick up her missing boodling. “A Mother’s Love” By Mother, Vixyn Felisimo Silently the glowing ship glides over the landscape. No sound betrays its passage to the […]

A Kur Crashes at Nyundo 10,145CA

Later the slave would earn the trust of a lost Kurri who had crash landed in the forest by Nyundo. Feeding him daily and then capturing him with the Physician’s herbs. White Fur, learned the ways of Nyundo and assisted Parvin in chores of cutting and carrying wood, hunting and building. Occasionally slaves and free […]

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